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Champions of Chaos

We’re all gonna remember the day the internet shut down. For the memes.

Be in the Know

Laughing Off the Facebook Outage

You gotta laugh to stop yourself from crying, right?

You were there, we were there, the whole internet was there on Monday, October 4th with “The Internet Shut Down.” Facebook and their other apps such as Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger were all down. So people flocked to the platforms left standing! As Twitter put it:

We wanted to share the reactions to what the heck happened! Semrush compiled a series of the top words, hashtags, and emojis used to describe the day via thousands of analyzed tweets. See the chart below for the compiled Twitter data.

Overall, it shows that the internet will always have a sense of humor. You’re not seeing rage-filled emojis and Semrush’s analysis is claiming a mainly neutral reaction.

Check out Semrush’s full post on LinkedIn for the Twitter data on Instagram and WhatsApp.

Q for You

Google is helping everyone procrastinate until 2023 for going cookie-less. Are you prepared for it?

Font Finder

An oldie but a goodie! Ever looked at something and you needed the font it used? All the time, right? You can go the old-fashioned route by doing a little right-click inspection of elements and dig through the CSS styles. OR you can just click a Chrome extension. WhatFont is the free, easy tool to be a font detective. It hovers over an element and identifies the font used, but it also detects the services used for serving the web fonts and supports Typekit and Google Font API.

Your Cat WISHES They Could

It’s that unobtainable goal. That little laser light at the end of the tunnel. What if…your cat was able to catch the laser? Nutro is sporting an ad that is saying they nourish your cat so much, that it’s gonna put more cat in your cat. Which is a scary thought when you think about it.

Ads from the Past

1959, Post

“If design is to lead the future, it should focus more on the important, necessary things, not making the unnecessary look better.”

Ma Yansong


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