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LinkedIn video ads that work.

7 Tips for LinkedIn Video Ads

VidMob analyzed over 16,000 video ads on LinkedIn to isolate what works best on the platform. Here are 7 insights from this expansive dataset:

Tip #1: Highlight key campaign messaging early. Data showed a 149% lift in view-through rates when messaging was displayed in the opening quarter.

Tip #2: Include stats for business-minded LinkedIn users. According to the study, video that opened with data points saw a 39% increase in completion rate.

Tip #3: Feature your brand logo in the first 2 seconds. This is a universal best practice for brand recognition. LinkedIn users clicked through 17% more when content featured immediate branding.

Tip #4: Short videos work best. Videos between 7 and 15 seconds long saw a 54% lift in engagement and a 15% increase in click-through rate.

Tip #5: Make it human. Videos that featured a person in the first quarter saw a 175% increase in view-through rates.

Tip #6: Open with the CTA. Giving users an action to follow in the first 6 seconds resulted in a 98% increase in view-through rate.

Tip# 7: Test out text overlays. This engaging feature spiked click-through rates by 72%.

Have any of these tactics worked for you? Read more about the study at Social Media Today.

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