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How to comment on LinkedIn

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How to Comment on LinkedIn Posts

We know you know how. But LinkedIn has a few tips for how not to.

Don’t share links without context under posts. Instead of dropping your blog and leaving, make an effort to connect what you’re sharing with the original post.

Don’t respond to posts with just a few words. “Nice work!” isn’t going to do much for your visibility. Be explicit about what you liked and why.

Don’t simply ask yes or no questions. You’ll get yes or no answers, or none at all. Prompt people with specific, open-ended discussion starters.

Find even more tips from the platform on LinkedIn’s Guide to Creating.

Q for You

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Dead Billionaire

Whether or not you’re a fan of late golf legend Arnold Palmer, you have to admit that Liquid Death won best clap-back this quarter.


The brand renamed its “Armless Palmer” beverage to “Dead Billionaire” after legal threats from, presumably, the Palmer estate or one of the license holders for the popular iced-tea-lemonade drink.

The move was criticized by some as “classless,” a word that the brand might even consider in alignment with its irreverent persona. A calculated risk that has likely won them some serious loyalty.

Ads from the Past

Interwoven Socks, 1921

Interwoven Socks, 1921


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