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Which of these do you emphasize most when writing product descriptions?

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6 Elements of a Powerful SEO Product Description

If you’re a fan of the Pyramid Game Show, you know the winners are typically the ones who understand and describe the word or phrase in a way that resonates with their teammate.

Having thorough and detailed descriptions does a lot for your products too. Today, SEMrush brings us 6 elements of a powerful SEO product description.


  • Reflect Your Brand Voice. Find a balance describing what the product is while still incorporating a consistent brand voice. Whether it’s to the point, or you throw in some witty humor, utilize your voice in product descriptions.
  • Cater to Buyer Personas. Casting too wide a net dilutes your message and makes reaching your target more challenging. Keep your buyer personas in mind when you write your product descriptions. Think about who exactly will benefit from the product. After all, these buyer personas are who the products are for.
  • Provide Value to the Customer. Focus on the “why” rather than on the “what.” Your products undoubtedly have some cool features. But features don’t illustrate value. Talk about the benefits of each feature and paint a picture of how others have benefitted from having the products.
  • Employ Meaningful, Technically Proficient Writing. Don’t beat around the bush. Steer away from fluff words and phrases like “very”, “really”, and “great value.” Additionally, make sure your descriptions aren’t too promotional. Much of this goes back to illustrating value in the description, so make value your mission.
  • Know SEO Basics. Keyword research is an important piece of the SEO puzzle, and it’s no different here. Find keywords with high frequency and low competition regarding your products. Maintain active voice in your writing and try keeping sentences under 20 words.


The last element talks about including a Call To Action, so read away.

Make My Persona

Ever hit the bullseye playing darts? No? Yeah, we know the feeling. However, without a bullseye, we wouldn’t know what we should aim for. A buyer persona is your bullseye, and Hubspot’s Make Your Persona tool lets you home in on your target.

It’s a fun and personal tool with a streamlined process. Just follow through and select your avatar, basic attributes, define a role, and you’re off to the races. After breaking it all down, you’ll arrive at a clear overview of who your ideal persona is.

Get The Family On

Rocking out in the car is always a good time. Especially if you have your favorite crew alongside you. 

Spotify gives us this ad with families rocking out to the same playlists. We’ve got the Gaga fans, SpongeBob fanatics, BTS die-hards, and Bach connoisseurs. So what’s your fam jam?

Ads from the Past

1969, Pepsi

“Nothing begets creativity like constraints.”

Christopher Mims


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