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Do you even Lyft?

The answer is…

Be in the Know

  • ClassPass is going global. The 5-year old fitness startup is acquiring Guava Pass. Why? Because ClassPass is focusing on Asian markets and Guava Pass has a nice foothold including 1k studio partners across 11 Asian cities.
  • “Hey Siri, turn on the TV.” LG is jumping on the Apple bandwagon. If you purchase an LG TV in 2019, you’ll be able to use Apple AirPlay2 and control your TV with your favorite smartphone voice.
  • Ring was acquired by Amazon last year for a crisp $1 billion bucks and their launching some sweet new products. First on the docket is a battery powered door view camera. It’ll hit the market this year for $199 and integrate with Alexa.

Just Squoosh It

You can have your cake and eat it too. We’re talkin’ about fast load times and high-quality images.

Enter Google’s new-ish web app called Squoosh. Squoosh allows you to drag and drop images and easily compress them into multiple formats. A small slider lets you adjust the level of compression and displays the final file size.

You had us at Squoosh.

The Best Video Facebook Ad Format?

We keep hearing that video is the future on Facebook, so to keep our team sharp, we’re all required to submit at least one selfie video a day on Slack. We’re still trying to figure out what to do with all of them. JK (kind of).

But seriously, video continues to be one of the most monetizable formats on Facebook and you should definitely incorporate it in your 2019 marketing playbook.

Let’s Settle the Score

The folks at AdEspresso did the dirty work for us and dropped $1k to figure out the best video ad format to use. They tested 3 ad formats:

  1. Animation
  2. Face-to-camera, no captions
  3. Face-to-camera, captions

The goal of the ads was to promote a custom audience ebook and get leads. The cost per lead was their measure of success.

You can get into the dirty dirty of the ad structure, audience, and placement here.

Drum roll, please…

Animation, you sneaky little devil. The cost per lead, CPC, CTR, and CR Rate won out across the board with animation.

As with every campaign, you need to test everything. While the animated video proved to be the best format for AdEspresso, it may not translate across the board.

If you need help setting up your own FB campaign, hit us up here.

Do You Even Lyft?

Next time you find yourself in a Lyft, take note of how you respond when the driver asks your name. There’s a good chance, it’s “Yep.” At least, that’s what Lyft is banking on in this commercial. It’s all about the freedom to relax from the stress of driving.

The 46-second mark is everything.

Ads from the Past

Don’t mess with Miss Breck! KMart health and beauty ad from 1975 when you could sleep during a cold for $1.47 and keep that hair in place for $0.37.


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