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Steer clear of these backlinks

Rid your site of bad backlinks & the 16-year absence.

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5 Types of Bad Backlinks You Don’t Want

The way your mom talks about you vs the way your ex talks about you is vastly different. Mom touts you as the brightest and most talented person in the world – if moms could interview for jobs on our behalf, we’d all be Fortune 500 CMOs. On the other hand, what your ex says about you might be less endearing.

Sure, there are advantages in not listening to what people say, but what people say can definitely affect you for better or for worse. You can think of backlinks as people talking about you. Some are welcome, but others you’ll want no association with (please stop DMing me.) Neil Patel is helping us take note of 5 types of backlinks you don’t want.

  1. Links From Spammy Sites. Sometimes you’ll find a backlink from a site that has absolutely nothing to do with you. Worse yet, sometimes the site contains inappropriate content that could serve to tarnish your reputation if things get out of hand.
  2. Links From Link-Mill Websites. Building up a repertoire of backlinks helps you gain authority in Google’s eyes, but the links have to be authentic. There are plenty of places you can pay for links, but many of them don’t offer any real value that will work in your favor. Focus on creating high quality content and the links will come.
  3. PR Release Links. It’s exciting to announce something new for the world to see, and a press release is a great way to garner attention. However, a keyword-heavy press release filled with backlinks is not the kind of press release that will help your SEO.

Study up on the last two types from Neil Patel.

Ahrefs Backlink Checker

You can hop all across the web just by clicking links. Think about how many links you’ve shared since you started using the Internet. (The owners of the domains you shared would like to thank you.) Stay on top of who is sharing your links with Ahrefs Backlink Checker.

Just copy a URL and paste it into this tool to find all the different websites that have shared links to your content. It’s a fantastic way to discover some of your biggest fans and an efficient way to weed out spammy sites that are hurting your SEO more than they’re helping. It only takes a couple of seconds, so take a look.

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Rock climbing is a heck of a lot of fun when done right. And if you’re afraid of heights, it’s still cool to watch. If you’re going up anything higher than a boulder, you’ll need a belayer to spot you and help you make the climb.

We don’t have a rock wall in the Carney office, but we’ve acted as belayer for many clients so they could reach greater heights than they could alone. Reach out and we’ll help give you the lift you want for your brand.

Dr Pepper Zero Sugar – It’s Finally Here

Great things take time. And we respect those dedicated enough to put in the time to create great things to share with the rest of the world. Even when it’s a questionable amount of time.

Dr Pepper shows us the result of 16 years of hard work perfecting a sugarless soda recipe. But can’t you just *not add sugar* to the recipe on day 1? These three must not have been aware.

Ads from the Past

1959, KRAFT

“You can’t expect to just write and have visitors come to you. That’s too passive.”

Anita Campbell


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