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4 Ways to Use IG Stories for Your Business

Should you be using Instagram stories for your business?

Wait for it…

Heck yes.

Before we talk about 4 ways to use stories, let’s go all Simon Sinek and talk about the “WHY.”

  • You can integrate CTAs in your stories
  • You can show you’re a real, authentic brand
  • Ads are pretty cheap compared to other platforms

There’s your why. Here’s your how.

  • Company culture: It’s 2019. People want to know who they’re doing business with. Stories provide a great chance to showcase your culture and what’s important to you.
  • Collaborate: Whether it’s an influencer or another company, IG takeovers provide a great way to engage with different fanbases. Start small with micro-influencers.
  • Show that you know: Stories provide a great way for companies to show they know what they’re talking about. A prime example would be having your senior leadership discuss the why and what behind your brand.
  • Episodic content: There aren’t enough brands taking advantage of this form of content. This is a great opportunity to demo your product, break down FAQs, simplify technical concepts, etc.

Now go forth and tell stories.

P.S. Share your handle in the Facebook group so everyone can watch.


Now that you’re firing off IG stories right and left, how about a tool to spice them up a little bit?

Try Shakr. It’s been around for a minute, but it’s a pretty solid tool.

Pros: Tons of templates to choose from. Create a video in less than 5 minutes.

Cons: Slight learning curve.

People Love Dogs

We’re going down under for today’s watch. Australia for PetRescue gets it! Pet Me uses hashtags, machine learning, and innovative dog facial recognition to find folks their perfect match up for adoption.

Ads from the Past

Good Seasons Salad Dressing Mix via 1960s.


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