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Efficiency for the Win!

We’re not saying this is a date, but we’d like to get to know ya a bit. Today’s email has a theme about making our day more efficient with different tools. And you hear directly from our crew. Before diving in, we wanted to ask…

Do you utilize Google Chrome Extensions to streamline your workload?

*|SURVEY: Yep, sure do |*

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Be in the Know

A Nifty Way To Visualize All Your Projects

Wouldn’t it be nice to visualize all parts of a project as it’s worked on by any team member?

We thought it’d be nice. Luckily, our Digital Strategist, Stephen, swooped in with a handy Chrome Extension called Elegantt. See the great thing about Elegantt is that it can be paired with Trello, and alas, our project management desires were answered.

Let’s be honest, folks. What do you need from someone else to get your job done? What does that someone need from you to get their job done? This relationship is called “task dependency.”

Example time! Imagine going to Taco Bell and ordering a dish that your typical marketer would like to eat. Like, say Doritos Locos Tacos. The individuals involved in this entire process of enjoying your Doritos Locos Tacos include you, the server, and the cook.

  1. You depend on the server to take the order.
  2. The server depends on the cook to prepare the food.
  3. The cook depends on the server to deliver the food.
  4. The server depends on you to pay the bill.

Alrighty, instead of servers and cooks, it’s designers, developers, SEM strategists, etc., and it’s all a process of getting the finished product to the client’s plate. Elegantt makes these task dependencies easy to recognize with a linear timeline and deadlines that you can easily set.

Since Elegantt syncs with Trello, every card you add will be reflected in Elegantt after you refresh the page. It’s a seamless way to take what you’re already doing on Trello and further organize what you’ve laid out within projects.

Check out the full article where Stephen goes into further detail of how Trello and Elegantt are used at our office.

An Efficient Browser

On a regular basis, we got about 50 tabs up on our browser at once. You know how it starts. Beginning the day with email, several of which, demand you open new tabs to check reports or project statuses. Then ya gotta check social media. When you finally start grinding out a project, it takes about 10 tabs to get all the materials together. And good grief, if you have to find a stock photo…

Yinz get our point. Your browser quickly snowballs into a hot mess before lunch. To maintain that madness we fully utilize two things: Bookmarks and Extensions.

Our bookmarks are filled with tools we use daily like Trello, Google Analytics, Pixlr, Bitly, Canva, FB Creator Studio, TweetDeck and more. And we’re all about Google Chrome Extensions too. We talked about Elegantt above but we also have Grammarly, FontNinja, and ColorZilla to name a few.

These easy-access tools give us peace of mind when clicking the little x and clean off our workspace. Our tool tip today: look to see which Extension and Bookmarks can make your work more efficient.

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