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Famous First Words

Make a great first impression with your titles and get your assets together.

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6 Tips for Writing Attention Grabbing Post Titles (with Templates)

Sometimes you just need a little inspiration to get you in the right direction. Designer Blogs put together these 6 tips for making titles and headlines that will grab a reader’s attention. They also gave dozens of templated lines of copy for you to get started.

Let’s dive in!

Keep Titles Short & Focused – Try and be as effective as possible with just a few words when you can. A straightforward template: The Dos and Don’ts of _____

Use “How To” Titles – It’s a great way to demonstrate helpfulness to a reader, and even better for SEO purposes because Google loves instructional content. An easy peasy template: How to _____ with _____

Ask Questions – Questions are a great way to resonate with your specific audience.  A common Q: What is Going on with _____?

Use Numbers & Lists – Readers love lists that are easy to digest so let them know directly that posts or pages have that. This is another great format that Google loves to reward in search results. A common template: # Proven Ways To _____

Use Solid Action Verbs – Now that you have some frameworks, boost the titles with the right verbs. Some favorites: Build, Create, Generate, Maximize

Use Powerful Adjectives – Pump it up with some adjectives! Just don’t overcrowd your copy with them. Some more favorites: Clever, Proven, Successful 

Blog post titles, subject lines, and headlines are your chance at a great first impression. See the full post by Designer Blogs for templates at your finger tips to make attention grabbing headlines.

Q for You

How happy are you with your video content?

BrandFolder by SmartSheet

Even with the best intentions, folders, and brand guidelines…brand assets can get messy. If you have random photos all over the place, bastardized logos, or rogue designs all over the place, it’s time for an intervention.

Brandfolder helps marketers and creatives organize and distribute all of their assets, and even help understand how some assets are performing out in the world. It uses cloud-based technology to help make searchability easy and all in one source.


Who has two thumbs and a stellar team of designers, developers, and strategists?

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We know you can only do so much with all you have on your hands. So maybe you need to hire some helping hands for your brand. 


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Roll out the Red Carpet

It’s undeniable that the travel industry is seeing a surge in the desire to get back out there in the world. Airways and tourism boards are putting some beautiful ads out because of it. Qatar Airways uses their signature burgundy color to demonstrate some of the places they can take you.

Ads from the Past

1951, International Harvester


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