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Fans Know Best

Fair warning: It’s a long read today but full of goodness.

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Grab your consumer hat: Which customer engagement strategy typically resonates with you the most?

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Customer Engagement: An Easy-to-Understand Guide for Business Owners

We’re diving straight in today with our friends from the Motley Fool. First, let’s consider the following elements when evaluating customer engagement.

  • How much do you really know about your target audience?
  • Have you tested different marketing methods to see how your audience reacts?
  • Is your offer highly relevant and worthwhile to your audience?
  • Does your content type resonate with your audience?

Notice how all four points involve your audience? If you’re after customer engagement, then giving your customer a positive experience needs to be priority number one. Not revenue.

Bring on the marketing strategies to boost customer engagement:

  • Recommendations. This is all about making things easy and relevant to the customer. Motley Fool reported, “Online sales at Amazon increased by 29% when the site began integrating recommendations into almost every part of its customers’ purchasing process.”

Tip: Recommendations need to be data-driven. Base it on previous purchases, products the customer has already looked into, products they’ve shared, etc.

  • Gamification. Add gaming qualities for an exciting customer experience. An example could be offering site discounts and freebies as prizes to your games like Stylesbysoma did with a roulette wheel on its website. Plus, you can make it a lead magnet by asking visitors for their email address before playing.

Tip: Your game should focus on ease of play, plus offer thoughtful prizes that would be useful to the customer.

  • Interactive videos. It’s a way to entice fans with real conversation. By publishing unique content you can help your brand stand out from competitors and leave a lasting impression with your fans.

Tip: Encourage replays to better absorb your content and be super sure your videos works across multiple devices.

We only uncovered the tip of the iceberg, so click through for more advice and strategies.

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Building brands that break through the noise.

That’s our motto.

Delivering value to your fans is the first step to breaking through the noise. So let’s make it happen!

A Hub of Resources

Shout out to Oozle Media for sharing their win with us! This team is proof that providing value without strings attached can lead to big results.

The Challenge:

Oozle Media and sister company, Beauty As A Business realized their clients would be looking for leadership as businesses are left wondering how to make payroll and stay in business, much less continuing their marketing efforts.

With that in mind, this team rallied together to become a hub of information for the trade schools and businesses they support.

The Solution:

To address these problems, the mid-sized agency was able to rapidly put together a wide variety of resources.

  • Webinars that included guests from several other industry leaders that trained on conducting virtual tours, what to post on social media, how to take your curriculum online, plus what to do with your SEO and PPC budgets during the pandemic.
  • Blog posts highlighting questions that business owners should be asking to make thoughtful decisions
  • A checklist providing ways to keep your customers engaged and informed by updating your website.
  • Beauty As a Business gave away free courses to all beauty schools to assist their instructors as they converted their own lesson plans for the online classroom.

The Results:

  • 35% average open rate across 12 emails sent out over the last six weeks.
  • Nearly 500 live viewers between all webinars.
  • Over 200 schools expressed interest in the free curriculum
  • Over 1,200 students have already enrolled.
  • 24.87% increase in users to Oozle Media’s website and a 41.18% increase in conversions
    • (comparing data range: 3/13/20 – 4/8/20 vs 2/15/20 – 3/12/20)
  • Multiple businesses that were not previous clients have come on as clients for support through the pandemic with multiple more contracts pending


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