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Which one of these sounds like the best source of great content ideas?

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5 Underused Ways to Get Better Content Ideas

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who has the best content of them all?”

Perhaps this is everyone’s subconscious ask when scrolling through endless social feeds, scouring blogs, and opening emails. We all want great content. However, the real magic lies in knowing where to find the inspiration behind great content. Content Marketing Institute will get you started with 5 underused ways to get better content ideas.

  • Job descriptions. When it comes to delivering the right message to your target audience, the more you know about your audience, the better. If your buyer personas include job roles, then give those roles a search on job boards and see what the positions entail. If generating weekly reports is part of the description, then you can craft a message around how you can help create reports with ease.
  • Industry leaders on LinkedIn. Industry leaders know the latest and greatest of what’s happening. Stay tuned and discover what they’re talking about so you can address it with your own content. Take a look at comments under these industry leaders’ posts so you can see what questions and observations people have on the given topics.
  • Sales calls. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you need to pick up the phone and start dialing. Just hop on a demo call with a member of your sales team. Pay special attention to the jargon the prospect uses, so you can tailor your messaging with the same language. If the prospect is willing to answer some of your questions directly, then ask how they found your tool and what pain they’re currently experiencing.
  • Customer service. Your customer service channel can deliver a world of insights. With the frequency of customer questions coming in, take it upon yourself to learn what they’re asking. If the same questions come up over and over, then perhaps there is a blind spot you need to address. If you’re running a customer service chatbot, setup customer questions to send right to your email so you don’t miss them.

Read on for the last content idea source.


In our world of changing online trends, it’s helpful to punctuate content calendars with the latest happenings. Anticipating the ebbs and flows of what the world is talking about is not always an easy feat. Luckily, Forekast makes it a cinch.

Forekast gives you all the big upcoming events and holidays you ought to know about. Incorporate some of them into your content calendar, and you’ll have a never-ending stream of ideas and inspiration.

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Zeroing in on your own winning content strategy? Many hands make light work.

We’re happy to lend a hand and get your content looking sharper than a tack.


Dogs will eat just about anything. Maybe it’s some sort of viral canine challenge humans don’t know about. #eateverything #woofwoof

Greenies gives us this holiday ad with this dog who can’t distinguish between a stick and a snowman’s arm. Normally you’d just put the stick back where it belongs, but all bets are off when your snow creation starts screaming.

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1928, Renault

“Marketing is telling the world you’re a rock star. Content marketing is showing the world you are one.”

Robert Rose


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