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Finding Your Voice

AI for audio ads.

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Why You Should Consider Voice AI for Audio Ads

Voice AI tools can create and replicate human-sounding voices to make personalized audio ads quickly and affordably. Here’s why you might consider it:

  • You can exponentially increase the variations and relevance of your ad creative by using Voice AI to customize details, like the listening platform or weather.
  • Voice AI may be a more affordable option for small businesses than hiring human voice actors by the hour.
  • Brands can replicate a real actor’s voice (with written and verbal consent) or engineer a new one with the help of training data.
  • Voice AI can help with attribution and analysis of phone calls to see if customers saw a certain Facebook or Google ad.

Learn more about Voice AI tech at Marketing Brew.

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Were you affected by the Facebook overspend glitch on Sunday?

Speechify AI Voiceover

Speechify gives you access to over 200 natural-sounding AI voices in over 20 languages and accents. Convert any text to an AI voiceover, and customize pitch, pauses, and pronunciation to get it right. It’s the cheapest tool in its class for what you get.

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L’Oréal Paris Canada

Tear It Down

To mark the 13th annual International Anti-Street Harassment Week, L’Oréal Paris Canada installed posters that stopped passersby in their tracks. By inviting people to tear down the posters and reveal the powerful messaging, the brand inspired literal action, however small, in place of passive observation. Clever, necessary, and fresh.

Ads from the Past

Lucky Strike 1985

Lucky Strike, 1985


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