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How a new ridesharing service is about to change the game. Plus, YouTube SEO & dollar dollar bills, y’all.

TDC fam, meet Flywheel. Flywheel likes long walks on the beach, getting caught in the ra…no, no that’s not right.

We do want to introduce y’all to Flywheel because we think you have a lot in common. Flywheel is a WordPress hosting and management company built for marketers, agencies, and designers. They just launched a two-week email course that explores the latest and greatest in web design trends.

If you’re planning that website redesign for 2018, you better start here.

YouTube SEO: 9 Actionable Tips for Ranking Videos

“MoOoOmmM! They’re doing it again.”

Yup, that’s right, today’s Listen is a video…again. You’re probably asking yourself, “Why the heck don’t they just use this video in the Watch section?”

Answer: Because.

Anyway, Brian Dean from Backlinko is an aaaaamazing SEO pro. Usually when you think of SEO, you just think of optimizing on Google, but Brian is an expert at Google SEO, Amazon SEO, YouTube SEO, basically all SEO. If a website has a search engine, he’s gonna help you figure out how to rank on that search engine.

Today he’s diving into YouTube SEO. There’s a good chance you’re going to be upping your video use in 2018 so it’s time to learn SEO on this platform.

  1. Front-load your keyword. YouTube puts more weight on words at the beginning of your title. If you’re doing a video about the 7 best tips for making cold brew coffee, you should structure your title to say: Cold Brew Coffee: My 7 Best Tips
  2. Boost video-engagement signals. Shares, likes, and comments are all ranking factors on YouTube. To get more of these, put a hyper-specific CTA at the end of your video. Stop just saying “subscribe to our channel.”
  3. Use the TAB formula for video tags. Only use a few keywords in your video tags. Use the Target keyword, then the Alternate keyword, and a Broad keyword.
  4. CTR magnet thumbnails. Whatnow? YouTube ranks videos by how many clicks they get on the search results page. Use a thumbnail that is strategically designed to get more clicks. There’s a ton in this section, jump straight to 6:03 for it.
  5. Write mini blog posts for the video description. The description really matters, don’t be lazy with it. Shoot for 100-200 words with the description.
  6. Use brackets and parentheses in your video title. Hubspot did a study that proved using brackets and parentheses in your titles can increase CTR by 38%.

Still 3 more tips, and they are dang good.

How Much Do Marketers Make and What Do They Do?

As a famous lyricist once said, “cash rules everything around me.” Love it or hate it, this is a line all too real for marketers. 

At the end of the day, the work we do needs to bring in $$$ for our companies. But, the work we do also needs to bring in $$$ for ourselves. Maybe that’s a little cynical, but it’s true. If marketing didn’t pay, there would likely be very few marketers.

The reason we’re rambling on about money is because that’s what today’s Read is all about. It’s the end of the year and your yearly review might be coming up. Time to figure out if you’re getting paid what you’re worth, or if you’re going to be walking into your boss’s office yelling, “SHOW ME THE MONEY!” …but maybe phrase that a little more tactfully.

Here’s the good news. On average, marketing salaries are up 22.6% year-over-year. That means the demand for marketers with the right skills is high. It’s a good time to be a marketer.

The bad news? If you’re in a management position, your employees are probs gonna be asking for a raise.

The highlights:

  • Marketing Coordinators have on average 0-3 years experience. They’re typically generalists with a little bit of experience in everything marketing. Salaries are around $48k per year.
  • Social Media Managers with over 5 years experience make about $57k on average.
  • If content is a central part of your marketing plan, you probably have a Content Strategist on staff. They’re the ones planning, writing, and editing your content. With 5 years experience, they make $90k on average.
  • If you’re a Director of Marketing, you probably have around 10 years experience, and make about $113k per year.

Bookmark this one for when you need to ask for that raise or write a job description for your next marketing hire…

“I’m Your Number One Van!”  

Right? We’re as surprised as you are that an ad for a van has made it into a Watch.

But this isn’t your parents’ van. This is a solution to awkward carpools, congested streets, and hellish traffic—and it goes above and beyond other ridesharing apps.

This is MOIA, an all-electric rideshare vehicle in Germany that isn’t only sleeker than that old Town and Country, but is also equipped with amenities for commuters. Similar to Uber and Lyft, MOIA rides are ordered through an app. But—and this is where the service really shines—a pooling algorithm in the app groups passengers with similar destinations, minimizing detours and maximizing use of the van’s capacity. Into it. 

A ton of other perfectly-calculated features are highlighted in the ad and, not gonna lie, they are really selling it to us. 

“Our online words are emissaries, they tell the world who we are.”
Ann Handley

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