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Got data?

We do 📊

Three Ways Content Marketers Can Optimize Marketing Performance with Data

Got data? 📊

The amount of content shoved in consumers’ faces is escalating at a rapid rate. Which is why being a content marketer is more of a challenge today than ever before. (Is it 5 o’clock yet? 🍷)

But with the right data, your content is more likely to be seen by potential buyers.

If numbers give you a headache and the word “data” makes you nauseous (you’re not alone here), Top Rank Blog outlined three data-informed content approaches that will pack the punch you need in your marketing performance. #Boom 💣

Type: Industry Data

Reason: Benchmarking

Why: Consider this the “maco” view of the data world. Looking at what’s trending and working on a larger scale helps set benchmarks and goals for your future campaigns and overall marketing performance. Here are some things to focus on:

  • Utilizing industry statistics to pursue specific marketing objectives
  • Using industry average performance metrics as benchmarks
  • Researching conflicts in your industry to use in your content planning

Type: Private Data

Reason: Performance Optimization

Why: You guessed it: here’s your data-driven “micro” view. Knowing your own analytics is super helpful, but knowing which analytics to look at is important!! Google Analytics combined with other web analytics are the most popular data sources, but there are some other sources to know:

  • Search marketing insights from SEMrush, Majestic, and Moz
  • PPC campaign data from Google AdWords
  • Optimize your content for a better search performance with Google search console

Keep the data discussion goin’ by reading more 👇

Stories May Be The Future of Facebook (& Your Social Media Marketing)

When you think of Facebook, what comes to mind?

For some, it may be the data breaches (never forget). For others, it may be remembering that it’s the one time of year you change your profile picture. #GlowUp ✨

Did the topic of Facebook Stories cross your mind?

Facebook, in recent months, has hopped on this whole “story” bandwagon. (But let’s be real, Snapchat started it.) With Instagram having such success with the feature, FB decided it was time to do the same.

If you’re a marketer, why should you care or even attempt to use it for your marketing strategy?

You won’t be left hangin’ here. Read on for some answers.

It’s Where Your Audience Is

If you think your audience isn’t on the good ol’ ‘Book, think again. With over 2.23 billion users, chances are, the people you want to be in front of have an account. The real Q is, how do you get in front of them when they’re online? Stories is the solution.

It’s A Money Move

For marketers who spend thousands on paid content marketing, testing the waters of Stories is worth it. Stories allows you to advertise for less than in-feed promoted posts cost. (PSA: This is also true for Instagram.)

Since the price of advertising on Stories is less, you’ll also be able to test market content to see what performs well and what doesn’t. (You know, for when the price tag becomes a lot more.)

If you aren’t sold yet, the story on Stories isn’t finished… 📚

PayMore Shoes

Payless Shoes is trolling influencers. We love it.

The discount shoe store set up a fake luxury brand called, Palessi, complete with a website and Instagram profile. Then, they tricked influencers into buying $20 Payless shoes just by charging $200 – $600 for the exact same cheap shoes they sell in stores.

Wanna see an “influencer” get tricked? You know what to do 👇

“Two volatile people can produce great advertising — or maybe just blood on the wall. You have to mix it up and see what happens.”

Phyllis Robinson

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