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Tweak your email automations.

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Optimize These 6 Emails Before Q4

Here’s how to fine-tune your email programs before the holidays hit:

  1. Acquisition. Studies show that when an acquisition form is up at the top of your email, you get more registrations. If you’re hesitant to give up that real estate, try testing it out.
  2. Welcome email. This one should represents your brand; look great on mobile; allow for images both enabled and blocked; and include brand statements, disclaimers, personalization—and “thank you,” of course.
  3. Onboarding email series. Be discerning about whether or not your brand needs an onboarding program.
  4. Transactional emails. Do your transactional emails take full advantage of cross-sell and upsell opportunities while customers have their wallets out? Dynamically insert the next logical purchase to boost revenue.
  5. Marketing automations. Birthday emails, for example, are an opportunity to be authentic and have a little fun. How can you break through the noise?
  6. Opt out / opt down. Building a healthy list is hard work. Keep your subscribers by allowing them to choose between opting down to a lower frequency and opting out altogether.

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Q for You

Are you still using Threads?


This handy tool is like having a pair of ruby slippers on hand.

Type // in any text field and you activate an AI assistant who can help generate social media content, answer questions, write emails, check your grammar, generate code, explain things to you, rephrase and translate, and more.


ALF Returns

Hey, Gen X: Remember ALF? Your fave alien life form is back to promote Mint Mobile, Ring and other brands in a “Caturday Marathon” of the 80s sitcom on Ryan Reynolds’ The Maximum Effort Channel. Thanks, Ryan.


Ads from the Past

Dodge, 1975

Dodge, 1975


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