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How to level up social media content based on your goals!

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4 Essential Goals on Social Media You Need to Optimize For

Some brands absolutely crush it on social media. You’ve probably seen plenty of posts and ads you admired for their effectiveness.

For the most part, joining the A-list of social media marketers doesn’t happen overnight. We’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg. For a comprehensive strategy, here are 4 essential goals on social media you need to optimize for from AdEspresso.

Brand Awareness & Expanded Reach. These fit together like yin and yang. Expanding your reach will make more people aware of your brand.

  • One way you can accomplish this goal is by using relevant hashtags on Instagram and Twitter. Instagram allows up to 30, so fill them up with local and industry-specific hashtags.
  • It’s also important you create high-value, share-worthy content. Mobilize your current followers with content they’ll be interested in sharing with their extended networks.

Community & Relationship Building. It’s not just about likes and follows. Your gold standard is the connection you have with your audience. Engage them in meaningful ways and build a strong community.

  • Go live regularly & keep users in the loop. This is a fantastic way you can address your audience directly. It keeps them engaged and gets them closer to your brand.
  • Additionally, respond promptly on all channels. People expect their questions to be answered, so be diligent.

Lead Generation. The most obvious solution to lead generation on social media is using lead generation ads.

  • Paid ads get right to the point and collect the info you need while prompting a specific action.
  • For a more organic approach, drive traffic off-site by promoting lead magnets. Post about your new white paper or an upcoming webinar across all your channels. Add to your Instagram story with “Swipe Up” links so people are directed right to your site.

Learn more about the 4th goal of direct sales.


As we said friends, the # of #s used on Instagram posts help expand your reach and find the right audiences. With 30 hashtags available, it can take some time thinking up 30 relevant tags. Photerloo makes the process much easier.

There are plenty of tools for unearthing great hashtags you can use, but Photerloo goes a step further with machine learning capable of identifying key aspects of your image. It spits out hashtags based upon what it sees – a great starting point for your next post.

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Eleanor T. Fitzsimmons

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Ads from the Past

1957, Crescendoe

“It is one mark of a superior mind to understand and be influenced by the superiority of others.”

Harriet Beecher Stowe


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