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Tea Up Your Weekend

Tweets with links and small business strategies for #stophateforprofit

Tweets that include links are ___% more likely to be retweeted.

Top Posts of the Week

What We learned

Tuesday: Databox covered Google Ads CTR – what’s considered “good” and how you can increase it. They said a satisfying CTR is between 4% to 5%, but it varies by industry. To improve your CTR, prioritize your quality score, create separate ad groups for each location, and use negative keywords to weed out irrelevant queries.

Wednesday: Ashley Grant with GoDaddy gave pointers on how to promote your blog on social media. A few of the pointers are:

  • Facebook: don’t only share your own content. Mix it up with other useful links for your audience.
  • Instagram: maximize your Instagram bio. Use Linktree to include links within your links.
  • Twitter: cushion your shoutouts. If you’re mentioning someone, put their handle toward the middle or end of your tweet to maximize visibility.
  • Pinterest: use search-friendly descriptions. When promoting your blog on Pinterest, use a description similar to your blog’s meta description.

Thursday: Wordstream shared what small businesses need to know about #stophateforprofit. Over 100 advertisers have joined the call to halt Facebook Ad spend during July. Some alternatives to Facebook Ads include reallocating your budget toward Google Display ads and donating to programs that support black empowerment and antiracist initiatives. If you can’t afford to pause Facebook Ads for the entire month, then try just pausing for a portion of it.

Jim asked, “What is your favorite heat mapping tool for WordPress? And, why?”

Valerie wants to know, “Does anyone have experience using MagicInfo to control displayed content on monitors?”

Sarah is wondering, “Do any Carnies have first-hand experience with DotDigital? I am desperate to switch from Mailchimp and would love to hear from anyone who is familiar with both.”

Michelle said, “I’m looking for a platform like Mention that catches my brand’s name and products in posts, comments, etc. AND has a competitor analysis. Anyone have a platform they know and like?”

Ice-Tea Mocktail


  • 1.5L rooibos tea
  • 1/2 bunch picked mint leaves
  • 1.5L apple, peach, and apricot juice
  • Sliced lemon
  • Lime skins


  1. Begin this recipe 1 day ahead.
  2. Prepare 1.5L rooibos tea following packet directions. Cool, then pour into an ice-cube tray, reserving the rest. Add a mint leaf to each ice-cube hole and freeze.
  3. Combine the reserved tea with 1.5L apple, peach, and apricot juice. Divide among serving glasses, top with tea ice-cubes and garnish with sliced lemon and lime skins.

Recipe from delicious.

Ads from the Past

1930, Peugeot

Roughly how much money was spent on fireworks in 2018?

$1.3 billion


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