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91% of Content Gets No Traffic From Google. How to Be in the Other 9%

Terrible, horrible, no good, very bad stat of the day:

91% of Content Gets No Traffic From Google.

That stat comes from new research by Ahrefs. They analyzed 1 billion (yeah, that’s “billion” with a B) web pages, and found that a massive, huge majority of them don’t get any search traffic from Google.

To put it another way, if you write and publish a new blog post, there’s a 91% chance that it will never get a single view from Google. Woof, that’s a painful stat.

But, don’t worry, there’s hope. Ahrefs (and the writers of this newsletter) have some ideas about how you can land in the 9% of content that does get traffic.

Get More Backlinks. Backlinks are an essential piece to getting your content to rank highly. Write that down, get it tattooed on your arm, hire someone to scream it at you. That’s how important backlinks are.

Ahrefs found that 55% of those web pages with no traffic have 0 backlinks. Z-E-R-O. Another 30% only have one backlink. Yikes. That likely explains the lack of organic traffic right there.

If you wanna get new backlinks, try some of these things:

  • Create data-driven content (we mentioned this on Friday).
  • Offer discounts on your products/services. Casper, who we featured a few weeks ago, kills it at this.
  • Create round-up posts. Ask your audience a specific question, turn their answers into a blog post, and let them know you did so. They’ll be likely to share your content and might even link to it.

Target a topic that has search traffic potential. Before you start writing your blog post, do keyword research to find out if your topic is actually something people search for.

Use a tool like KWFinder to check competition score and search volumes of keywords you want to target. Here’s a general rule of thumb for keywords worth targeting:

  • Monthly search volume over 500
  • Competition score under 30
  • Top competitors’ domain authority under 30

Soooooo much more advice in this one ↓

Instagram Ad Costs: The Complete Updated Resource

Are you trying to get your CFO to allocate more budget to Instagram since you started hearing all the buzz around the new native payments feature?

Well, the rad humans over at AdEspresso painstakingly compiled a monster list of Instagram-spend data. They based their study on $300 million of ad-spend on Instagram ads in 2017. This little list will def help you predict your IG costs.

If the boss-man wants extra proof, download the full report here.

Either way, here’s the high-level overview of what they found:

Cost-per-click (CPC) steadily increased as the year went on but the kill zone for ROI is in May-July. This is especially good for those of you in the real estate biz seeing that Q2 is the best season for property sales.

By age, CPC, typically remained steady within the $.70 to $.80 range. What did we learn? Planning for the next gen is good, but don’t forget there are Gen X-ers on IG. Don’t ignore them.

CPC is higher for females than males. Although, in Q1 female CPC was slightly lower. So you might want to wait to launch your #dadjeans campaign in Q2, juss sayin’.

CPC for Apple devices is the highest. People with iPhones are more pretentious and demand a higher cost to get their attention…ha just kidding, but maybe?

Read the whole article if you want more ways to predict your Insta ad spend and start begging for a bigger budget in 2019.

Smooth Like Butta

You know that smooth feeling of spreading butter on a fresh piece of bread? Your knife just glides across the bread. It’s…satisfying.

Butter brand, Lurpak is taking that feeling to a whole other level in their newest spot for the UK.

The ad is a simple one, it features a woman going through her morning routine, but everything she does is smooth like butter. The way she blowdries her hair: smooth as butter. The way she pours coffee into a cup: smooth as butter. Cracking a hardboiled egg? Yep, that crack is as smooth as butter.

Something about this ad is just satisfying to watch. And that’s definitely hard to accomplish for most ads.

“The most powerful element in advertising is the truth.”

William Bernbach

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