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How to Perfect the One-on-One Interview

There’s so much to learn from talking with people or just listening to others’ conversations. Be it podcasts, news networks, YouTube, panels, or Q&As, it’s clear we’re inspired by conversation.

There is no shortage of opportunities when it comes to sharing your own conversations with your audience. Content Marketing Institute wants to help you perfect your one-on-one interviews so you may deliver quality content composed of rich conversations.

How to prep for the interview

  • Research, research, research. Knowing who you’re talking to is critical. Look into their background, area of work, publications, and accomplishments. Finding existing interviews can give you an idea of your future guests’ conversation style.
  • Think about your line of questioning. It’s okay to keep an outline with questions, but don’t expect to follow it. Write down points you’d like to learn more about to guide your conversation.
  • Don’t share questions in advance. You don’t want your guest to sound rigid or scripted, so keep it conversational. If your guest must have questions beforehand, then just give the bare bones.

How to hit your stride

  • Lob the first question. Start with an easy question that doesn’t tread on uncomfortable subjects. This one is intended for you and your guest to relax and adjust to the interview setting and format.
  • Deviate from the script. It’s okay to take detours during your interview. Unexpected and rewarding discoveries are often made this way. Of course, there is such a thing as deviating too far.
  • Consider unusual questions that probe. Ask outside-the-box questions for outside-the-box answers. A weird question that throws someone off at first can be a good thing.
  • Appreciate the role of silence. Silence is a powerful tool and it prompts responses. Give your subject time to formulate answers. Be patient with silence.

CMI’s guidelines will surely up your interview game. Read on, crew!


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No Escape Room

Escape rooms are all the rage. Never have people been so willing to be locked up for an hour or two. It’s all for the sake of puzzles and critical thinking, of course.

Parkinson’s NSW paints a different picture with this escape room. Elements that appear challenging for the sake of a puzzle are actually manifestations of everyday struggles people with Parkinson’s face. From tying shoes to pouring water and remembering passwords, Parkinson’s is, for many, a room that cannot be escaped.

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1959, Pepsi-Cola

“The gap between what’s expected and what you deliver is where the magic happens, in business and in life.”

Jay Baer


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