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Where is Social Going?

It’s crazy to think how far social media has come. Remember when only college students could join Facebook? Nowadays, my Grandma is keeping my engagement on point. Thanks Grandma.

As technology changes, social media must continue to adapt….and so do brands.

Our friends at Sprout Social shared their predictions for 2019 social trends.

  1. Private groups and accounts: With the algorithm decreasing organic reach, more brands will turn to Facebook Groups. Ya, we have one of those. Are you in it? Brands are also turning to private accounts on IG to try to one-up the algorithm.
  2. Automated conversations: Chatbots are becoming easier to implement, so naturally more brands are adopting them. We’re still bullish on personal communication. Chatting with a bot sucks!
  3. Transparency: Stats show that millennials have high expectations for transparency amongst brands. Being real is here to stay. Are you adapting?
  4. New social networks: It’s only a matter of time until another platform pops up. What will stick? Who knows. If you come across something promising, be sure to lock up your brand @handle.
  5. Stories on stories: We’re consuming more information than ever before. It’s truly the age of distraction. If you’re not incorporating stories in your marketing strategy, you’re missing the mark.


Here’s one for all you jokesters out there. We all have that friend on Facebook who posts every and any question they can think of. Meanwhile, you’re thinking, “Yo, just Google it.”

Enter ‘Let me Google that for you,’ aka LMGTFY.

Here’s how it works: Head over to the site and type in your friends’ question. It’ll spit out a link. Copy that link and send to your friend. Bam!

What we like: It makes for a good subtle burn.

What we don’t like: n/a


Pancake Pizza?

Were you lucky enough to try a Pancizza? The pizza-sized pancake from IHOP. “It’s hot. It’s innovative. It’s circular. And it comes in a box.”

To celebrate National Pizza Day, IHOP released the Pancizza at select locations.

Disclaimer: You might get hungry after watching.

Ads from the Past

The Adidas Boston 1981. That’s a good looking shoe.


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