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How Do You Measure Up? 📐

Measuring metrics in a cookieless, ROI-geared marketing world.

Your Measuring Refresher: 70+ Marketing Metrics + KPIs

As advertisers expand their marketing reach to different mediums and channels are cracking down on tracking, more niche measurement solutions are needed.

But not everyone needs to be tracking the same things so we wanted to cover some of the possible metrics out there in 2022. It’s more than clicks. There’s a big long list to know, but here are the big performance areas to measure with specific metrics to check out:

  1. Conversion Metrics: Find out what influences conversions with things like Landing Page Performance Optimization and your current Social Traffic Conversions. New leads are great, but knowing your Lead Conversion Rate Measure is better.
  2. Engagement Metrics: If you’re emailing, quantify your Email Marketing Engagement Score Measure to gauge content with your audience. Social Interactions will remain a great thing to look at, as long as you’re taking actionable steps to maintain it as more platforms reward reciprocated engagement.
  3. Costs Metrics: How else will you know your Return on Marketing Investment? Keep an eye on your Cost per Action (CPA) to measure the amount of money put towards driving conversions.
  4. Customer Metrics: The Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is a valuable metric for understanding your brand’s influence on your customers’ lives and experiences. A great way to measure and engage with your customer base is by measuring your Net Promoter Score (NPS).

You’re gonna wanna check out the full list of Klipfolio metrics for yourself to help guide on what your brand should be measuring.

Q for You

How many hours a month would you estimate that you spend on reporting?


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Thortful is a card company that is talking a big game on their card slinging, so here’s their Mother’s day ad. They promise this ad is “37.2% less annoying than their Valentine’s Ad

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1930, Lifesavers


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