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How is Your Tool Kit Lookin’? πŸ”§

Buckle up those tool belts! Plus, take some advice from a bunch of fish.

Be in the Know

A Big, Fat, Long List of Marketing Tools to Use in 2022

January is off to a hot and heavy start, especially if you didn’t already solidify your marketing tools budget for 2022. No platform does it all (but maybe one day), so you’ll need a collection of tools to get things done for analytics, social media management, customer relationship management, project management, email marketing, and your overall site management.

See if there are tools you haven’t heard of before and what combination of them you might need for your business:

Marketing Management Tools

  • HubSpot for lead generation and automation
  • Honeybook for CRM
  • for HR and brand management
  • Wrike for project management and account-based marketing
  • EngageBay for automation and account-based marketing
  • Pipedrive for CRM and contact management
  • Salesflare for CRM and account-based marketing
  • Bitrix24 for appointment management
  • Lusha for CRM and data extraction
  • AeroLeads for lead generation
  • Pardot for lead generation
  • Sprinklr for marketing automation
  • Smartsheet for general business management
  • Trello for team collaboration and campaign management
  • Airtable for content management and automation
  • Asana for project management and campaign management
  • OptinMonster for lead management

Social Media Marketing Tools

  • Hootsuite for general social media publishing
  • Sprout Social for social media marketing and publishing
  • Buffer for general social media management
  • Social Status for general social media management
  • BuzzSumo for analytics and influencer trends
  • Sixads for social media ad management

Data Analytics Tools

Website Design and Other Web Tools

Email Marketing Tools

UnboundB2B broke down the key features, prices, pros, and cons for each one of these tools so check it out!

Q for You

What is your biggest hurdle for trying a different marketing tool?

One more tool...

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Just Keep Swimming

Fiverr made this ad about how it has helped out a business: Salmon Endurance Swimming School. Many businesses are able to get their marketing done thanks to freelancers and short-term contracts. That’s exactly what this school of fish had to do, too. So long as they don’t get eaten up by grizzlies, these fish are gonna keep swimming towards success.

Ads from the Past

1986, Wrangler

“Knowledge is a tool. And like all tools, its impact is in the hands of the user.”

Dan Brown


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