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Google search operators to know.

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🍩 Krispy Kreme donuts are coming to McDonald’s. Lovin’ it or no?

📜 Brands are starting to add AI restrictions to contracts.

☕ Thirty years later, Keurig has introduced plastic-free pods.

⬇️ Infographic: These factors are affecting your Google Ad positioning.

Google Search Operators to Know

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Ahrefs has compiled a list of Google search operators: those that work, those that yield unreliable results, and those that Google has deprecated. Do you know these reliable search operators?

Search operator What it does Example
“ ” Search for results that mention a word or phrase. “steve jobs”
Search for results that don’t mention a word or phrase. jobs -apple
* Wildcard matching any word or phrase. steve * apple
( ) Group multiple searches. (ipad OR iphone) apple
cache: Find the most recent cache of a webpage. cache:apple.com
filetype: Search for particular types of files (e.g., PDF). apple filetype:pdf
OR Search for results related to X or Y. jobs OR gates
| Same as OR: jobs | gates
site: Search for results from a particular website. site:apple.com
related: Search for sites related to a given domain. related:apple.com
before: Search for results from before a particular date. apple before:2007-06-29
after: Search for results from after a particular date. apple after:2007-06-29


Check out the complete guide at Ahrefs.

Q for You

Has your brand (or a brand you partner with) included AI restrictions in contracts?


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Supercal batches your availability into “preferred slots,” so you have a chance to enter flow, “deep work,” intense focus, or whatever you want to call it. That magic two hour jam session we chase all week.


A person in goth makeup holds up a coffin-shaped package of makeup

Corpse Paint 🖤

You know what? We love the (sold out) e.l.f. Cosmetics x Liquid Death collab.

This sketch-comedy spot encourages you to “murder your eyes, lips, and face” with 5 new totally goth makeup products that come packaged in an adorable coffin.

It’s not a phase, Mom!

Ads from the Past

The Potato Board 1985

The Potato Board (lol), 1985


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