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Turning trials into customers, Pinterest Ad options, and protecting Oreos.

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Which tactic do you rely on most to convert free trials into paying customers?

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How to Convert Free Opt-in Trial Users into Paying Customers

There’s nothing quite like shopping at Costco. It’s not because of the enormous inventory offering you way more than you’ll never need. And it’s not because the hotdog & drink combo has cost only $1.50 since 1985. It’s because of all those free samples.

People love free things. And just as people will jump on a free ravioli sample at Costo, they’ll discover what your product is all about with a free trial. It’s one step closer to new acquisition. Today, Convince & Convert is covering how to convert free opt-in trial users into paying customers.

  • Shorten the trial period. People opt-in to free trials because they have a need to fill. They’ll determine pretty quickly whether or not your product or service will indeed fill this need. They’ll know before 30 days in, so try a 14 day trial period. You can always test different lengths.
  • Send trial ending notices. We’re all in need of reminders here and there. People likely won’t mark their calendars to indicate when their free trial will lapse. Send them an email and direct their attention to where they can enter payment details and maintain access.
  • Create an exhaustive knowledge base. Y’all know just how important customer experience is. A free trial is, in a sense, a simulation of the customer experience. Make it count. The more resources you provide, the better. Ensure people get the most out of your product by helping them understand your product with tutorials, videos, and FAQs. Collect user questions and provide thorough answers.
  • Run (seasonal) special offers. A free trial is a special offer in and of itself, but throw in a promo for a discounted price upon payment. Build a sense of urgency with an expiration date for your special offer so people will act faster.

Read on for more ways to convert your free opt-in trial users.


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Converting free trial users into paying customers is just one of the many challenges businesses may face, but perseverance triumphs. Speaking of challenges, what goals are you trying to tackle?

Carney has a rock star team eager to help you achieve all your digital goals.

(And we love a challenge.)

Global Oreo Vault

People will resort to extreme measures to protect things they hold dear. Sometimes it’s a matter of instinct. Sometimes it’s flat out irrational. Either way, we’ll protect what we value.

Oreo shares this video as a response to a tweet questioning the safety of milk’s favorite cookie in the event of an apocalypse. If a meteor hits our planet, how will Oreo be preserved? Easy: a highly secure global Oreo vault located in Svalbard, Norway.

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“Focus on the core problem your business solves and put out lots of content and enthusiasm and ideas about how to solve that problem.”

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