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Influencers on Influencing

It might be a buzzword, but it still works…if you do it right.

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10 Problems Plaguing Influencer Marketing

Influencers, micro-influencers, nano-influencers (which is a thing for real)…when’s it gonna end? Influencer marketing has fully taken over, but it does have a lot of problems. When it’s done right, it’s really effective. Do it wrong, and…well…you probably just wasted time and money.

So if you wanna do influencer marketing the right way, you gotta first understand the problems with it. That’s why our dude, Rand Fishkin (an influencer himself), dug into some of the problems with influencer marketing…

Problem #1: ‘Influencer Marketing’ Is Too Broadly Defined
Broadly speaking, the term has developed into more of a focus on one or two social channels as opposed to a broader range of content creation. (Think: A heavy emphasis on Instagram and YouTube.)

For some brands, Instagram is not the answer for influence, and influencer marketing can overshadow this fact.

Problem #2: It Ain’t All About The Followers
Kim Kardashian has over 120. MILLION. followers on Instagram. Her Facebook page is probably really poppin’ too. But, does that mean she’s the absolute best influencer to work with?

Answer: heck no. Your steps of action for influencer research should be more focused on discovering your target audience and looking at the accounts those people follow.

Problem #3: It’s A Challenge To Measure Marketing ROI
The actual impact of influencer marketing is often a grey area. How do you even begin to track direct conversions or dive into improved brand awareness? Likes and comments only go so far when it comes to the stats that really matter.

Three problems down, seven more to go…

How to Create the Perfect Instagram Ad 10 Minutes

Hey there, got 10 minutes to spare?

Cool, because that’s how long it’ll take you to create the perfect Insta ad, at least according to Hootsuite. Keep in mind, it’ll still take a lot of trial and error to test what works best for your company, but this post at least gives you a great starting point.

Let’s dive right in…

1) Define Your Goal
The point of an Instagram ad is to have a single action you want people to take. Whether it’s to drive people to your website, promote a new product, or make people aware of your Instagram presence, pick on and stick with it.

Time spent: 1 minute

2) Who Is Your Audience?
In other words, who do you want your ad to reach? Spend time using the targeting features to properly send your ad to the right people, whether it’s by segment or demographic.

Pro-tip: Change your ad frequently. It shouldn’t last longer than a week or two. Otherwise, you might wear out your welcome.

Time spent: 2 minutes

3) Focus On The Visuals
Instagram is for eye-catching images and videos, right? Make sure your content represents the entire brand identity and is the highest quality possible. No one is going to be captivated by a pixelated photo, right?

Spend time ~setting the mood~ for the emotions you want your audience to have. Are you playing it up with humor? Or is there a deeper emotion here?

Time spent: 2 minutes

Five minutes down, five more to go for ultimate Instagram Ad success 👇

Beary Lonely

You knew we were gonna feature a holiday ad today, right?

This one comes from Walmart Canada and features a cuddly teddy bear. In the ad, the bear watches as all of his bear-friends are taken home by shoppers. When the store closes for the day, he’s the only bear left.

He spends the next few hours roaming the closed Walmart, eating ice cream, playing with toys, basically doing everything you’d do if you were locked in a closed Walmart.

But, don’t feel bad for the lonely bear. The story has a happy ending. You’ll have to watch it to see it…

“You should experiment in your content, and go out of your comfort zone to try different channels.” 

Ross Simmonds

Ads from the Past

Eat a little too much Thanksgiving dinner? Feeling too full? Just smoke a cigarette!

We’ll never get over the wild claims cigarette companies used to be able to make in advertising.


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