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We have news, Acadium has management tips & Gary gets some fresh air.

Dear Carnage Fam,

No easy way to say it: we are postponing the Yearly Carnage until 2021. Without knowing when things might return to normal (and what the new normal might look like), we feel like the best way we can be there for each other is to keep our distance physically and support everyone getting through the day-to-day.

We’re still with you on the daily via The Daily Carnage newsletter…and always ready to geek out with you and 12,000 other like-minded marketers in the Daily Carnage Facebook group. It’s the closest thing to a (socially-acceptable) group hug!

Hoping you’ll join us in 2021 to celebrate Carney’s 20th anniversary at the next Yearly Carnage. Until then, stay safe – and stay sharp.

Be in the Know

9 Expert Tips For Managing a Remote Team

Since the current demand for remote work is so high right now, here are some tips from Acadium for best practices when it comes to managing your team.

  • Respect office hours. Lines can get blurred when working from home. Make sure your team knows that work hours still apply so they can easily unplug when the workday is over.
  • Meet face-to-face. Nothing beats talking face-to-face. Use your preferred video-calling tool instead of phone calls to keep everyone connected.
  • Give them room to breathe. Don’t micromanage. You hired your team to get the job done, so let them do just that. If something isn’t working, then address it. But trust them to do what they’re there to do.
  • Don’t overlook onboarding. If you have new hires starting remote for now or if it’s how your business has always been set up, have an onboarding plan. Company culture is easier to maintain in-person, be diligent about preserving company culture and expectations digitally.
  • Invest in the right tools. Find out what your needs will be and utilize tools that will meet those needs. It might be a project management system or a video calling platform. Good tools will help your team and make your clients happy.
  • Build relationships. It’s all too easy to just talk business with your team. It’s just as important to get to know them better for who they are. Find commonalities you might have; you don’t need to become best friends, but it will help you to understand each other.
  • Acknowledge accomplishment. Give praise to team members who have gone above and beyond. It’s a great morale-boost and encourages others to strive toward these wins.

Get more insightful tips to rally the troops while working with a remote team!

Spend More Time on Your Business, Not in it.

When you’re ramping up on new projects, it can help to have fresh perspectives. 

Resources are sometimes stretched thin, so adding more members to your team may be easier said than done. But what if you had an apprentice to help out with your marketing efforts? Not only would you have the extra hands you need, but you would serve as a mentor to someone eager to learn the ins and outs of your business.

Acadium bridges the gap between marketers looking for talent and individuals looking to enter the world of marketing. You’ll be paired up with an apprentice for 10 hours per week for the first 3 months, which may just lead to your next great full-time hire. 

Take part in shaping the education of an aspiring marketer and receive a dedicated new member to your team to fuel your marketing efforts.

Gary the Tortoise

It’s just about time to start planting if you’re looking to maintain a summer garden. We’re enjoying the increasingly sunny weather and warmer days. Hopefully, you are too!

Homebase, a UK-based home goods store, teases us with all our favorite parts of spring and summer in this ad. The family is out barbecuing, the dog is relaxing in the yard, and even Gary the Tortoise is sprinting outside to get in on all the action. I’m sure the hare isn’t too far behind…

Ads from the Past

1920, J. B. Williams Company

“Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.”



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