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Kohl’s just got a lot cooler

-plus how to increase sales and emotional gum commercials.

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How to Increase Sales on Your Website

If we took a poll on how to increase sales on your website, responses would likely vary.

Do you really wanna know what it’s all about though?

Conversion Rate Optimization aka CRO.

What the heck is CRO?

CRO is the process of increasing the number of websites visitors who take a desired action. It could be a sale, an email submission, etc. It really depends on how you define a conversion.

Alright, now you know what CRO is, let’s talk about calculating your conversion rate.

Divide the number of conversions on your webpage by the number of people who visited that page.

Example: If a user visited your site 3 times and converted once, your conversion rate would be 33.3%.

So, how do you optimize for conversion rates?

It’s all about the who, what and where.

The analytical approach will have you tracking your conversions (we like Google Analytics). You’ll be looking at data such as, where people are entering your site from, what devices they’re using, demographics, funnel abandonment and more.

The flip side would be a qualitative approach (aka the human method). You can do data-backed research all day, but sometimes you just gotta talk with your actual audience. Do this through surveys, user-testing, and cold outreach. Ask the tough questions about your product or service and prepare for some constructive criticism.

Whatever you do, don’t play the guessing game with CRO.

Looking for
more sales
on your site?

CRO Calculator

Now that you’re dialing in your Conversion Rate Optimization processes, how about a split testing CRO calculator?

The folks over at Neil Patel developed an easy-to-use calculator that’ll show you if variations increased your sales, and by how much. Give it a try.

Gum or Tearjerker?

Remember the Extra Gum commercials featuring the love story of Juan and Sarah?

Well, Extra Gum is back with a new story featuring Max & Bill. It’s pretty powerful when a brand can make you forget what they’re actually selling.

“Sometimes the smallest gestures can be the most refreshing.”

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