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LemonadEEEYYYYY Here!

If you’ve ever been to a Pittsburgh Pirates game, you’ll get the reference.

The Best Way to Survey Your Audience

Marketing can be cloaked as a numbers game. We feed off of tools like Google Analytics for the raw quantitative data it provides. After all, numbers drive our decisions and also keep the head honchos easy like dippy eggs on a Sunday morning.

But fam, it’s not all about the numbers. We’re tuning into Eric Siu and Neil Patel for their take on best ways to survey your audience.

Neil opens up with a pretty bold and annoyingly true stat. “Here’s the thing, over 95% of your traffic, and I bet you it’s way more than that, don’t convert into customers.” We know, many of you just thought about tossing your computer out the window and mashing your strategy funnels. We wanted to do it too. But, just hang in there for a sec.

The opposite of quantitative data is qualitative data and that’s our focus today. Here’s what Neil and Eric discuss:

  1. Google Analytics is a handy tool. Of course, you should still use it religiously because it will provide ideas on what tests to run or improving overall growth. But it’s not going to tell you specifically why a user won’t convert.
  2. The solution? Talk to your customers! Sure, there’s social messaging, emailing, and calling, but don’t diminish the power of surveys.
  3. Surveying offers the chance to send the right messaging to the right people. In other words, segmenting like a champ! Eric uses “Wild Audience” as an example.
  4. Eric recommends the WordPress plugin, SurveySlam as a tool to use to help aid your survey to segment needs.
  5. Don’t ask too many questions! Viewers are giving you their time and opinions. Avoid irritating them with a bombardment of questions. Also, make sure your questions won’t push biased answers.
  6. Use Word Cloud to combine your qualitative feedback. Specifically look into commonalities. This is how you will be able to make clear decisions.
  7. Lastly, thank everyone who participated in your survey!! Go the extra mile and do more than write the words “thank you.” Not only will participants be more willing to take a survey again but they will probably get others to take it as well.

We gave you the important snippets, but don’t forget Eric and Neil like to keep things sweet and to the point. If you have five minutes, definitely listen in!

Instagram Caption: The Secret 7-Ingredients Recipe

Instagram is all about images, right? Wrong. (kidding, kidding, that’s totally right) But just as important as the images you’re using on the platform are the captions that go along with your images.

Writing the perfect caption will boost your audience’s engagement, but it’s not as easy as just throwing a few words out and calling it a day. Like any other type of copy that you write, you gotta be very deliberate with the words you choose.

So if you wanna level-up your caption game on the ‘gram, keep reading.

First of all, all of your images need a caption. Let’s just get that outta the way first. And now that you’re fully on board with that idea, here are a few ideas on how you can create engaging captions…

1) Tell a Story, or Sell a Lifestyle. This is just good advice for all marketing. Stories and Lifestyles can work for almost any company on Instagram. Take a look at GoPro. Yeah, they make a camera, but they never mention it on their IG. Admittedly, GoPro has it easier than a lot of brands. Cameras are made for IG.

Okay, so how about a boring company, like GE? Industrial equipment and appliances are boring. But, their IG is full of so many stories.

2) Consider Caption Length. The ‘gram gives you 1,000 characters to work with, but don’t use them all. The sweet spot is around 125 characters. And make sure you put the most important information about the post upfront.

3) Ask Questions. Use close-ended and binary questions to get quick responses. Not familiar with these? They’re just “either or” questions. They give your audience a quick and easy way to respond. Converse has these types of questions on lockdown.

4) Use Hashtags. Duh. But, we just wanna mention using Hashtagify if you’re not sure which hashtags are best for your company.

5) Use CTAs. You’re likely familiar with the “link in bio” CTA, but what about:

  • “Tag us in your photos”
  • “Follow us”
  • “Like if you agree”
  • “Tag a friend if… ”
  • “Comment with your favorite…”

Just some words for thought there. Get the full story from AdEspresso today ↓

When Life Gives You Lemons…

Summertime is right around the corner. And, this change in season really only means one thing…lemonade stands!

We’ve all been there growing up. Drawing those ‘fresh squeezed lemonade’ signs (when we all knew it came from a packet). Running back and forth to the fridge to get new ice cubes once the last round melted. And sitting outside all day just waiting for someone to stop and buy a glass.

Would you believe us if we told you this iconic childhood experience is being taken away? It’s true. Lemonade stands everywhere are being shut down.

But don’t you worry, Country Time is taking a…stand…for lemonade stands and kids everywhere by providing Legal-Ade. You heard us. Country Time is putting together a team of lawyers to help kids fight The Man who shut them down.

Country Time is definitely living up to the motto, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

“The best marketing strategy ever: CARE.”
Gary Vaynerchuk

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