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Let’s chug some ranch

Yes, you read that right.

Be in the Know

  • Samsung is going green (kind of). The electronics division is replacing plastic packaging with paper and other eco-friendly materials. Point Samsung!
  • Munchery ghosting vendors? After going out of business last week, the food delivery service owes some serious dough.

The Ultimate Facebook Engagement Guide

It’s no secret the ol’ FB algorithm is a big fan of engagement. If your posts are getting more engagement, you’re going to be favored by the algorithm and in turn, spend less on reaching your target audience.

But, how do you get more engagement?

It’s all in the data. Lucky for you, the folks at BuzzSumo analyzed over 777 million posts (yowzers). It’s a 🔥article and we highly recommend giving it a read when you have some time.

Here’s the highlight reel:

  1. Go video: you’ve been hearing it for a while, but the numbers don’t lie. Video outperforms photos by 73%.
  2. Time it: 9p-11p (EST) appears to perform best for posts. It’s not foolproof, so do some testing with some of your better content and take note of the results.
  3. Don’t rest: The day of the week matters. Sunday is often overlooked, but the data shows some awesome engagement on Sunday nights.
  4. Less is more: Keep your posts under 50 characters. People are always distracted.
  5. Video time: Keep your video between 3-5 minutes and include CTAs and branding early and often.

As always, there’s not a one-size-fits-all approach here. Start with these tips, but make sure you’re always testing.

Next Level Pics

Whether you’re in a jam because your photographer called off or you’re just looking for a great all-around photo app, VSCO has you covered.

For creators by creators; take your photography to the next level. VSCO has been at it for a while and it shows. If you’re looking for a new photo editing app, download it today.

What we like: the filters don’t look fake and there are a ton of features (crop, exposure, grain, etc.) The free version is enough to get you up and running.

What we don’t like: if you’re working with super large jpeg files, it may crash.

HVR for the Win

Ya, we love ranch. No shame in our game. Hidden Valley Ranch just took it next level though in their latest ad.

PS: We’re throwing down some Super Bowl bets this week in the office. We see ranch chugging in the wagers.

Ads from the Past

“Finally, a vitamin kids can look up to…” It’s a good thing reality TV wasn’t around in 1990. Yes, Hulk Hogan had a reality show. It was on VH1 if that says anything. Also, it looks like that kid may or may not hit the Hulk.


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