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Let’s Get Retro ✌️

Try this team retrospective.

You’re killing it. Really.

Be in The Know

Retrospective: Three Little Pigs

Try this creative sprint retrospective with your team to determine short-, medium-, and long-term objectives for your product. Here’s how it works:

House of Straw: Quick fixes, prototypes, or wireframes that worked temporarily but need to be revisited. These high-risk items need to be addressed immediately.

House of Sticks: What project or product elements can you make more efficient or effective with more resources? These represent a medium level of risk.

House of Bricks: What elements or resources are fundamentally reliable and highly effective for your team? These require little to no changes.

The takeaway? Keeping the “big bad wolf” at bay requires collaborative reflection on the shortcuts that put us at risk, the parts we can keep optimizing, and the work we’re getting right.

Check out Team Retro to learn how to facilitate this retrospective.

Smash or Pass

Hard-seltzer brand Truly launched a limited-edition, hot-wing flavored seltzer for the big game.

Truly Hot Wing flavored seltzer

GA4 Tool: % of Total

Remember the “% of total” metric in GA? RIP.

This Chrome extension lets you add it back to your GA4 reports, so you can gauge performance by channel, source/medium, events, and pages again.


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A man with several hand-like apparatuses attached to himself

Gotta Hand It To Ya

New York Lottery wins with this spot about a guy who attaches a few extra hand-like apparatuses to himself in order to do more lotto scratching. We love the surreal feel and bizarre dialogue. And the mini hand—that never gets old.

Ads from the Past

Pink Witch, 1958

Pink Witch, 1958


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