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8 Instagram Reels Tips, Tricks, & Tutorials

Trying to find your Instagram content flow? Here are some helpful tips, tricks, and tutorials to help you with content ideas and how to actively help you make Reels.

  1. Save Your Stories: If it’s good enough for your stories, it’s ideal for Reels. Just save the pics and videos you were looking for to post for your stories without any stickers or text to repurpose for a Reel video.
  2. Give It a Why: For any Reel you post, make sure you have a reason someone would stick around to watch it. This doesn’t have to be too deep. It could be helpful tutorials, it could just be a joke.
  3. Keep It Frequent!: Obviously we as marketers and creators try to put out the best possible final products they can. But because of competition and experimentation, you gotta keep Reels quantities high. That just means experiment with as many formats as possible.
  4. Keep It “Neat”: Part of putting out a large quantity of Reels is putting out light, interesting content. You may just hit the right audience by putting out short Reels on niche topics.
  5. Cross-Post: Share it to Facebook, too! Seems like a simple tip that people often forget.
  6. Go Hands-Free: Having a phone in your arm can make for limited filming. Try to use your recording devices in ways that gives you a larger space to film yourself in and stay hands-free.
  7. Auto-captions: Between accesibility and user-friendliness, autocaptions are an absolute must. If you have to manually add it, it’s worth it!
  8. Be Original: You can grab inspo and copy formats all you want. But at the end of the day, you have to make content that is true to your brand to make it worth following.

Check out the full YouTube video by Jonny Keeley for more Reels and video techniques to explore.

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So we mentioned video captioning for top-tier Reels content. If you are making video content ahead of time and aren’t using auto-generated captions from Instagram, use this little helper. Verbit has features to help live captioning and is great for short videos. Check out all their transcribing features to see if it can help your video production needs.

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