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The Best Way to Write a Creative Brief (With Templates)

What’s the plan, man? Somehow, the planning phase for a marketing project can seem both nonexistent and tediously long-lasting. Lots of ideas get tossed around like a ball of pizza dough. Then as a vision finally forms, it becomes tricky to communicate.

This is where a creative brief comes in. It helps maintain your vision while making it seamless to passing off to whoever is involved in the project. And, CoSchedule is going over the best way to write one.

First and foremost, a creative brief helps define the scope and avoid scope-creep. Tackle only what you decide upon. Don’t fall victim to a “while I’m at it…” thought process. This can take you away from the ultimate goal.

Include a timeline in your brief. Yes, it’ll probably be adjusted somewhere down the line, but it’ll help keep things moving. Be as realistic as possible with your timeline.

The key elements you’ll want in your creative brief are:

  • Project Summary. Give the gist of your project in 1-2 sentences.
  • Target Audience. Define a user persona or outline a key demographic.
  • Problem. This is what prompted the project in the first place. Write it down and let it be known.
  • Goal. State your vision upon completion of the project.
  • KPI. Consider how your success will be measured. New subscribers? Purchases?
  • Process. Write down the steps you’ll need for accomplishing your goal.
  • Individuals/Teams Involved. State whoever will play a part in the project’s success.
  • Timeline. Keep a realistic date in sight and work toward it.
  • Budget. Whether it’s your budget or a client’s budget, reference it in the brief.

Now you have all the pieces for a successful brief. Be specific and thorough and remove any guesswork from all parties involved. The vaguer it is, the more revisions you’ll need.

Don’t miss some real-life creative brief examples provided by CoSchedule.


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