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Let’s Play Operations

Get a grip on your operations standards to deliver success.

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Executing for Success

You’ve done all the leg work with preparation and planning, and now it’s time to get to business. Getting your name out there, generating leads, nurturing prospects, building up your brand, getting clients in the door, AND getting them to come back means there’s a lot to do. It can sound so intimidating to not only get it done but to get it done right.

But where do you start on the little things in between? Luckily, CROOW gives you the right steps and the perfect toolbelt from their free eBook, Level Up: Management Secrets to Create an Agile and Growing Services Organization. Check it out for all the tips on how to deliver excellent service that makes your clients keep coming back for more.

Operations can sound so simple:

  • Set standards
  • Align your team
  • Train your team
  • Measure all the good stuff

They are the first steps in establishing sustainability and creating the standards your brand and team will rely on for guidance. Here are some great places to get you started:

Model Operations: Break out the calculator. Start to create a numerical model for managing your organization. Work with your sales team by forecasting leads, conversion rates, and sales per service. Take that data and use it as operations by converting sales into revenue by applying resource and schedule constraints to forecast over a period of time.

(hint hint: there’s a thorough Operations Checklist is ready to go in the eBook.)

Ensure Perception of Value: Clients don’t come back for just anything, they want a valuable service. Make sure you take the time to understand the client’s exact expectations. This is where delivering your best service standards comes to play. Incorporate small surprises that reinforce your brand and make everyone happy.

Define a Scorecard: We mentioned measuring the good stuff. CROOW makes it easy to keep track of your numbers with a weekly scorecard that takes your real-time data and visualizes it concerning your goals. Define which KPIs you want to measure, establish goals, and benchmark your actual performance each week.

Get the full scoop on establishing successful operations in your business in the eBook.

Q for You

Do you have multiple ways to view and track your project budgets?

CROOW’s Kanban and Gantt Views

Let’s get visual! Managing projects can mean a lot of moving pieces and people involved. CROOW can break your project management view down, flip it, and reverse it.

Use Kanban Boards to visualize your team. Kanban Boards help track the status and flow of work from start to finish, WIP to win. What’s great, too, is the option to add callouts for To-Do’s that are blocked or need attention.

Use Gantt Charts to track multi-phase progress. Phases, timelines, and assignments are all organized for your visualization. Gantt Charts evolve with you as timelines do. They are flexible with contingencies and the ability to move individual or groups of To-Do’s.

Start for free today and make project management a breeze.

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