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Marketing Headwinds ⛈️

How to weather 2024’s perfect storm.

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🏈 Brands that sponsored college football saw high unaided brand recall, according to a new report.

📅 These are the top brand campaigns celebrating Women’s History Month.

🍲 Manischewitz is hoping a major brand refresh will extend its reach beyond the kosher aisle.

♪ The TikTokification of social media. LinkedIn is testing a dedicated short-form video stream.

Generative Fill Prompt: Bowl of Matzo Ball Soup

4 Marketing Headwinds to Watch in 2024

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Forrester Research has identified four key challenge areas that marketers will need to navigate carefully during this U.S.-election year.

  1. Media costs continue to rise. Advertising costs are predicted to increase 13% from 2020, according to AdImpact. Not to mention the expense of media placements during the 2024 Summer Olympics.
  2. Political allegiances will challenge brand loyalty. Purpose-led campaigns have backfired on brands like Bud Light, despite data suggesting consumers expect brands to weigh in on social issues. Success depends on understanding exactly what your audience will tolerate.
  3. Evolving AI regulations keep us on our toes. As governing bodies struggle to keep up, guidelines and policies for rapidly developing technologies have been left up to platforms, resulting in inconsistencies.
  4. Deepfakes are about to have a moment. Tech for spoofing and deepfakes is more widely available than ever. Social listening is critical for preparing to respond should your brand get targeted by bad actors.

Take a closer look at the Forrester report for more.

Q for You

How concerned are you about marketing challenges during an election year?


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Outta This World

Sorry, MoonPie Solar Eclipse Survival Kits? Take our money.

On April 8, when the moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, the cool kids will be wearing weird glasses and passing out MoonPies to 11 of their closest friends.

The brand has long been set on owning the astronomical phenomenon, clapping back at Hostess in 2017 to be the official snack of The Eclipse.

This, from the brand that advertises to aliens. 

Ads from the Past

L'eggs 1971

L’eggs, 1971


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