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Name Droppin’

How to name stuff.

If your name is Josh or Stanley… are you doing ok?

Be in The Know

Naming Strategies to Try

If you’re in this biz, chances are you have been tasked with naming a product or a concept (or a friend’s business, for that matter). It’s kind of like how people ask comedians to tell a joke. It’s what we do, technically, but it doesn’t necessarily come straight off the cuff. Pocket these tips for next time:

  • Mash two words into one. Facebook, Snapchat, DoorDash, Ticketmaster.
  • Blend the sounds and meanings of two words with a portmanteau. Expedia (Exploration + Speed), Netflix (Internet + Flicks), Pinterest (Pin + Interest).
  • Play on words. Reddit (read it), Google (googol), Lyft (lift).
  • Pay tribute. Roku (meaning six, for the founder’s sixth startup); Tesla (tribute to Nikola Tesla); Apple (tribute to Newton’s apple).
  • Use an aspirational expression. Target (the singular destination), Uber (German for over, above).
  • Use personification. Nike (Greek goddess of victory), Amazon (like the vast rainforest).
  • Try some nonsense. Hulu, Shein, Temu.
  • Be literal. Threads, Zoom, Messenger.

Check out the rest at First 1000.

Q for You

We gotta know, for science. What team are you on?


If you have historically struggled to make time-management apps work for you, it might be that you require a more intuitive solution. But the problem is, there hasn’t been an innovative approach to calendar keeping in decades. Kyugo rethinks the visual experience of mapping a day, turning your rigid little squares into fluid, adaptive circles.


A phone screen mockup containing the UI of time-mangement app Kyuogo

Clearing Up The Confusion

Dunkin finally locked down superfan Ben Affleck last year, and now Chicken of The Sea has shelled out for their longtime unofficial spokes-celeb Jessica Simpson and her daughter to provide some overdue product education. It’s tuna!

If you’re so lost right now, enjoy your youth.

Jessica Simpson

Ads from the Past

You're in the Pepsi Generation.

Pepsi, 1964


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