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Social Spotlight: Square and The Power of Focus

Happy Monday, folks. We found out Sprout Social does this thing where they put a big ol’ spotlight on the strategies used by the best brands on social. We thought it was pretty cool, so we’re sharing it with you.

This time, Sprout Social is putting mobile payment processor, Square under the magnifying glass. See Square is attempting to humanize payment processing.

To do it successfully, Square creates a connection by photography, videography, and custom illustrations. All to reflect the people behind the business.

Here’s what Sprout Social found after an analysis:

  • Square focuses on the stories, challenges, and triumphs of small businesses. This equals social storytelling that is emotionally relevant and has brand affinity. A combo like that can drive conversion and loyalty.
  • Square uses offline experiences to make its social content richer and more relevant. For example, when tracking how, when, and where customers are spending through the platform, Square can use that data to drive real conversation.
  • Using social channels like Youtube and Instagram, Square is able to carry out the message of “caring for your success and the success of your business” to thousands of subscribers. Plus, Square gets into how-tos, demos, and tips too.

Impressive, don’t you think? Wait, wait, wait – here come the takeaways:

  • B2B is really H2H, and Square is a killer example. Shine a light on the real people with real challenges and triumphs.
  • Sprout Social suggestions “thinking about how the product experience can drive social content.” Break down the interactions and find ways to engage with your followers on social.
  • It’s your data, use it when you need it. All the feedback you collect is an opportunity for you to create fascinating stories.

Smash the button for the full spotlight.

One-Stop-Shop for Partnership MKTG

We’ve done a handful of partnership marketing campaigns in the past. And we can thank DojoMojo for the assist.

The beauty of DojoMojo is its simple management system and it has a free version. You log in, make connections, and you’re on your way to growing an audience.

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