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Pabst makes it perfect

plus – how to make your website really good, Nintendo drunken games, and more.

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What Makes a Good Website?

That’s a loaded question, right? ☝🏼

Unfortunately, the answer isn’t one-size-fits-all either.

Regardless of your industry, here are some tips on making your website good.

  1. Your website satisfies user intent and has a clear goal: The ol’ build it and they will come days are over folks. The core of a good website is knowing who your audience is and why they’re coming to your website. What do they want? Are they looking to make a purchase? How did they land on your site? Map out your site based on these audience answers.
  2. Your website has technical prowess: Before you get into the SEO weeds, focus on the basics. Website speed, easily crawlable, not bogged down with large images, etc. Good sites are without technical errors. If you’re a WordPress user, we’re big fans of Yoast. They’ll point out the errors for ya.
  3. Your website is trustworthy, safe and secure: We all know what a sketchy site looks like. Don’t be that site. “Use up-to-date software, have your SSL in order, make strong passwords, use tools such as Cloudflare to protect your site from DDoS attacks, etc.”
  4. Your website has a great design and stellar UX: Attention spans are becoming shorter and shorter. From your messaging to your CTA’s, focus on giving the user a great experience. Get to the point and get to it quickly.
  5. Your content is on point: Take off your sales cap for a second and give your users the content they actually want. This ties back into tip #1…know your audience.
  6. Mobile-first: It’s 2019. This a no-brainer. Design your site with mobile in mind first, not the other way around.

We make really good

Get to Know Your Team

Let’s skip the awkward part.

Icebreaker is a free collection of over 200 icebreaker questions you can use to start any team meeting or gathering.

It’s 100% free and a great way to get to know your team. #BreakThatIce

The Friendly Ghost for Geico

How would you feel about your house being haunted by Casper, the Friendly Ghost?

“Creating content solely for new customer acquisition is a dereliction of duty for content marketers.”
Jay Baer

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