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Pay attention to these ranking factors to hit page 1 on Google.

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Be in the Know

10 Google Ranking Factors You Shouldn’t Ignore

Winner, winner chicken dinner. Y’all decided to learn more about Google ranking and Ahref’s has the details. There are hundreds of ranking factors Google takes into consideration. Instead of losing your mind by attempting to cater to every single factor, Ahref made a list of the top 10 that deserve your attention.

Here are the adjustments you should make to rank higher in Google Search.

  1. Backlinks. Reference other content that is highly relevant to your own and assists with authority. Moz has a free tool that allows you to check Domain Authority for free!
  2. Freshness. This factor varies based on search query. For example, searching “best standing desk” isn’t dictated by time-sensitive info like “News on COVID-19.” When researching keywords or phrases, consider the need for time-sensitive information.
  3. Topical authority. Google’s SEO starter guide recommends to “cultivate a reputation for expertise and trustworthiness in a specific area.” Aka…keep your content tightly focused.
  4. Search intent. Wording matters. “How to…” search queries are in the learning or information gathering stage whereas “affordable…” search queries are most likely ready to buy. Examine the intent of your consumers at each stage of your buying process to speak their language better.
  5. Content depth. You shouldn’t focus on wordcount hitting the thousands. Instead, strive toward covering what’s important to the searcher. Get inspiration by reviewing commonalities from content delivered by top-ranking pages. As well as including phrases and questions from “related searches” or “People also ask” boxes when it makes sense.

Ahref’s covers five more factors. Click over to discover the goods!

In case you wanted to learn how to run a killer contest, here’s the link – How to Run Online Contests and Giveaways Like a Pro.

Domain SEO Analysis

We like Moz. And they must like marketers because they have some pretty useful tools. Like the Domain SEO Analysis tool for instance.

You’re able to get 3 free reports per day using Moz’s domain tool. When you hit the site, enter a domain, click analyze and boom! You have access to top competitive SEO metrics like
Domain Authority, top pages, ranking keywords, and more.

What's Happening in FB...

New member Alexia asked, “Does anyone know any free sites to get social media icons/clipart that you can change the color of, using hex color codes?”

Comments rolling in so far mention Ionicons and Iconmonstr.

Idiots Are Amazing

Much in this world inspires awe. And it can be the simplest of things. A cool tracksuit for instance, or a quirky dance move. Some of these things may seem nonsensical, but even then they have the ability to resonate with people.

Fanta thinks that some of these nonsensical things might even be considered idiotic at times, but that just doesn’t matter. What matters is the courage that prompts people to do great things – no matter how silly.

Ads from the Past

1916, Pears’ Soap

“Goodness is the only investment that never fails.”

Henry David Thoreau


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