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Pass The Smart Chips

Google Docs tricks to try.

Be in The Know

Level Up on Google Docs

Old Google Docs, new-to-you tricks. Let’s go:

Look up definitions
Select a word > Tools > Dictionary. That’s Ctrl + Shift + Y on Windows and Cmd + Shift + Y on Mac.

Switch to pageless view
Ditch the printing interface for an infinite canvas with File > Page Setup > Pageless.

Create building blocks 
Get started with templates for emails, meeting notes, project roadmaps, and more. Just head to Insert > Building Blocks or click “More” at the top of a new doc.

Compare documents
Track differences between two documents by opening Tools > Compare documents.

Explore your Drive You can drag and drop stuff from the web and your Drive right into your doc from Tools > Explore.

Emoji react
Did you know you can react to comments with emojis? Just hover and select.

Drop in a smart chip
You can add dynamic hover-over information, like a Google Map thumbnail, by selecting Insert > Date, People, File, Calendar Event, or Place. It works for linking between files, too.

Check out the full list by The Verge.

Q for You

How do you take notes, primarily?


It’s a Notes app but with the power of GPT-4 and Whisper from OpenAI. Reflect can help you access and organize your creativity and thought process, transcribe voice notes, generate outlines from your notes, give you takeaways and action items (!), and improve your writing along the way.

Real Quick

Team Carney will be OOO tomorrow for turkey and tofurkey. There’s a lot to be thankful for this year — ChatGPT, the return of frutiger aero design, etc. — but mostly we’re thankful that you’re here, keeping each other sharp and sharing.

Shaq holds a mini can of Pepsi

Wish I Was A Little Bit Smaller

Pepsi is invoking some serious 90s nostalgia with a collab between Shaquille O’Neal (7’1″) and Skee-Lo to promote Pepsi Minis, in which Shaq imagines life lived a little closer to the ground.

Ads from the Past

The President base station. In the manner to which you've become accustomed.

President CB Radio, 1977


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