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We’re jam-packed with video tips, brain triggers, and an ad that makes us want to go camping.

Local Video Marketing Tips and Strategies

Who here is targeting the local crowd? Raise that hand loud and proud!

Obviously, we can’t see if you did or not… unless of course, you send us a video via the Facebook group

Anyway, we asked because SEMRush recently published tips and strategies for local video marketing. Why video for a local audience? Well, it’s powerfully engaging, cost-effective, has a high potential to get more sales.

And you got two ways to jump on the video promotion train: Organic and Paid.

Organic Video
You can create the most beautiful video a human could ever lay eyes on, but it means squat if you don’t upload the video in Youtube correctly. So, here’s how:

  • First, run a thorough keyword search. A great place to start is to use the YouTube Search Suggest feature.
  • Beginners without channel authority you should start with low-competition keywords. This chrome extension will help: Tube Buddy.
  • Have your keywords in your Title, Description, and Tags as well as your area. Location is so key with local search.
  • Get your video transcribed through Temi or Rev!

Paid Ads
Get your message out there with Youtube ads or Google Display Network. The real perk is only getting charged from Google Ads when the viewer watches your vid for 30+ seconds or engages with the vid.

Here’s SEMrush’s fav paid ad strategy for video:

  • Create a high-quality educational blog post with a video on it.
  • Link your YouTube account to Google Ads.
  • Run Trueview in-stream & search ads.
  • Build up a remarketing list of those who viewed or watched your video.
  • Remarket to them via image & other video ads on YouTube & GDN.

Type of Video

  • About Us videos – keep these less than 2 mins long and can be placed on your homepage or on social.
  • Behind the Scenes – People are just naturally curious about the woman behind the curtain.
  • Client Testimonials – This type of video can be stupid effective as long as it’s authentic. Scripting this is a big no-no!

We were only able to scratch the surface here. Put this one on your must-read list.

We’re bringing you a few of our top podcast picks to start your week off strong. The podcasts cover E-commerce, Adwords editor, and the latest on social media news.

  1. The State of E-commerce with The Motley Fool by E-commerce Influence
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6 Brain Triggers Copywriters Use to Drive Sales

Tired of marketing tactics becoming obsolete in a week? (Sorrynotsorry for the infomercial intro)

But seriously if you want a pocket full of go-to tactics that never get old then start building your strategies around good ol’ human psychology. You know because humans are basic and we like to do the same thing even if it costs us money, time, or our happiness… womp, womp.

So how do you build strategies around human psychology? Well, HubSpot reached back into the marketing archives and dug out Claude Hopkins’, “Scientific Advertising.” Even though the book was written back in the 20’s, it’s still crazy relevant.

As Hopkins says, “Human nature is perpetual.”

Okay, let’s go:

1. The Unknown. People are biologically driven to investigate the surrounding world. We’re curious creatures and we get weird when our curiosity can’t be resolved. In comes an effective buying trigger.

AKA information gap, or when an ad leaves us feeling deprived to the point where we are just too dang curious. We gotta click. AKA the thing Buzzfeed does.

2. High Prices? Yep, you read that correctly. Hopkins notes, “People are extravagant. They want bargains, but not cheapness.”

Price is closely related to quality. When the value of a product isn’t blatant then an average consumer will turn to the price. High price must be high quality.

3. Their Names, in Print. Dale Carnegie has said, “Remember that a person’s name is, to that person, the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”

This logic is why marketers preach personalization. Think back to Coca Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign. Putting your name on a Coke bottle makes you feel unique. Remember we’re basic.

4. “Try before you buy!” So, habituation is when our brains adapt to anything our senses consistently experience. It’s the concept that basically makes words like “free” or “sale” seem obsolete ’cause they’re wildly overused.

Of course, I want a FREE 30-day trial, and yes I will sign up for another FREE trial with a different email.

Well, we’re outta room. Click through to catch the rest 👇

Find Your Park

LL Bean hit the nail right on the head. We’re super impressed by the illustration and creativity for their latest ad campaign.

They note that people are happiest when enjoying nature (preach it, LL). And they remind us that most Americans live within 100 miles of a national park.

So LL Bean partnered with the National Park Foundation so we can all find our happy place. All you gotta do is scurry over to

Did someone say camping trip for with the entire Carnage fam? What an awesome suggestion!

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend it daily.”

Zig Ziglar

Ads from the Past

Ugh, the colors, the message, the vibe. We love it. Air travel was just better in the ’50s


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