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Pour Me a Strong One ☕️

We’ll have whatever this wine ad is having. PLUS subject line must-haves.

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7 Essential Tips for Subject Lines

Your email strategy falls short if no one opens them. So to get past that hurdle, you have to have a subject line that entices your reader. These are the essential tips to keep in mind when writing a subject line. Including all 7 is great, but even just having one or two of these in play can create more engagement.

  1. Keep It Short + Sweet: Make your words count without a crazy word count.
  2. No Spam, Ma’am: Stay away from words that give the same vibes as a shady used car lot. “Bargain” and “No hidden costs” are some that come to mind.
  3. No Fibs Here: If you do have a free offer or deal, mention it, but don’t mislead anyone with subject lines if you don’t. Even as a joke, that’s a surefire way to end up in spam and damage your reputation.
  4. Ask Qs: A great way to do this is to frame a question around how your content solves a problem.
  5. Include Urgency: Deadlines are a great way to put a fire under a pointer finger to click. Just beware of those spammy vibes we gave. Only give a deadline if it’s a true one.
  6. Personalize: We’re not just talking about “Hello, Firstname.” Think about geographical terms and individual events (that means you better be segmenting your list appropriately).
  7. Show Them the Numbers: People can be naturally drawn to organized lists or numerical offers.

Check out the full post by Mirabel’s Marketing Manager for more tips and examples.

Q for You

Are you happy with your task management system?


This one goes out to all the coffee shop/bar/hotel/public WiFi warriors out there. 

When you’re not sure of your connection security, use this nifty browser extension. Smart HTTPS encrypts websites that are by default unencrypted. It automatically changes HTTP protocols to the secure HTTPS, and if it encounters errors loading, it’ll revert back to HTTP. You can install it and forget about it while keeping your browsing more secure.


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What the Wine?

Perfume ads are notorious for abstract, dramatic, and out there ads to try and relay a scent and feeling through a screen. Well, Burgenland Tourist Board wanted to do the same thing for its wine region. Since all wine pretty much looks the same and uses the same kind of descriptions,  you have to get creative to stand out. Burgenland uses a flirtatious, strange man making silly sounds and playing with ingredients to show you what makes its wine so special.

It’s weird. We like it.

Ads from the Past

1947, Nescafe Ad


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