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Fearless Girl FTW

and how to succeed in a distracted world…

How to Succeed in a Distracted World

Technology Rules Everything Arou—wait we already made this joke. But, seriously…

Maybe you’re one of the Chosen few who knows how to disconnect and put the tech down. When you’re in marketing mode, though, technology dominates, and there’s really no way around it. We attempt to stay on top of what’s trending, but risk falling behind. In other words, technology can be very overwhelming.

Before we turn into a buncha Debbie Downers (yeah we made that joke yesterday, too, what?), let’s tune in to the I Love Marketing podcast for today’s Listen. Dean Jackson and Joe Polish help us cope with the overwhelm as they discuss integrated technology, finding focus, and ways to leverage marketing methods.

Here are some of their points of discussion: 

  1. Different forms of technology that pushes the boundaries in marketing
  2. Training your mind to focus and how to take that first step towards a clearer mind
  3. Modern marketing lessons that could make you $$$$$ 

Social Media Analytics Will Make You a Better Marketer

Are you doing social media, or just doing social media? There is a difference, and it’s not just in the italics. What we mean is, if you’re just going through the motions on social media, you’re not using it properly.

Analytics and reporting are vital in your efforts to properly understand the value and return on your social media strategy. If you’re not already doing that, well, it’s time to get on board.

Wouldn’t ya know it – today’s Read is about that exact topic. This awesome blog from Buffer will get you ready to record and report on your social media analytics!

Their tips (linked for easy navigation):

  1. Create quick reports with spreadsheets
  2. Set benchmarks for your performance. Without these, how do you know what good engagement is?
  3. Measure total engagement. This is the sum of all interactions on your posts.
  4. Add context to the data you pull. Data is good. Data with context is great!
  5. Find out your best time to post. Plenty of advice on this all over the web, but you should test and see what works best for you.
  6. Reuse your top posts
  7. Engage influencers who shared your content

See the Winners from the 2017 Cannes Festival

We mentioned the Cannes Festival quite a bit on our journey to include innovative advertisements here and there as the Daily Watch. Now that the festival has come to an end, here’s a roundup of all 23 Grand Prix winners this year. Grand Prix is like a gold medal or an Oscar, and the statue, Fearless Girl, built for International Women’s Day, won the most with four.

Check out the other 22 in today’s Watch – we hope they ignite your creative spark.  

“Don’t take shortcuts. They take too long”
Andy Crestodina

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