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Text-Only Content is Dead

If your content is solely text-based, you won’t have a shot at beating the competition in an increasingly complex and competitive search landscape.

Visual content: Mix in original graphics and stock photos, videos, presentations, data visualizations and infographics, GIFs and memes, and even AI-generated images.

Podcasts: Promote brand awareness and take advantage of this growing channel’s impressive retention rate.

Interactive experiences: Explore brand-relevant quizzes and polls, surveys, calculators, image sliders, games, as well as interactive infographics and videos.

UGC: Reshare user-generated content (with permission) on your site, on social, in your email outreach, throughout long-form content, in your podcast and webinars, etc.

Livesteaming: Announce when you’re going live on social and via email, run paid ads and retarget customers, and authentically engage with users in a livestream.

In summary, the traditional blog isn’t going to cut it anymore. Take a closer look at Search Engine Journal.

Q for You

What interactive content types have you tested?


This little Chrome extension lets you capture an entire SERP in one screenshot, so you can reference and compare results over time, create before-and-afters, test results for different users and devices, and any other application you can think of.

Is AI-generated content bad for SEO?

SEO specialist Emily B. Yost will confirm and debunk all of your AI suspicions at a live webinar, “Navigating SEO and AI: Future-Proofing Search Marketing in the Generative AI Era.”

Navigating SEO and AI: Future-Proofing Search Marketing in the Generative AI Era

Join The Daily Carnage on Wednesday, August 9 at 1:00 p.m. EST.

A$AP Whisky

A$AP Whisky

This is the first campaign from Mercer + Prince whisky, founded by A$AP Rocky, who oversees its scrupulous production in a futuristic HQ. It’s a sensational celebration of art and luxury. Additionally, drop the link for those square whisky glasses, please.

Ads from the Past

Sylvania Radio, 1940s

Sylvania Radio, 1940s


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