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Retro Pop-Tarts 🍓

And new Reddit ad formats.

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2 New Reddit Ad Formats

Reddit has announced two new ad formats for marketers looking to reach shoppers when and where they’re ready to buy.

Contextual Keyword Targeting

Opt for this to get your ads in front of a broader range of Redditors. Contextual keyword targeting lets you select specific keywords to associate with your brand or align with your ad copy, allowing you to be present during active conversations where users are in active discovery/research mode—right where you can add the most value. This new format is helpful if you don’t have a specific target community in mind.

Product Ads

Redditors are unique, high-value customers that react positively to brand advertising on the platform. Plus, Reddit is a known product search engine for users looking for honest reviews and recommendations.

Product Ads, which feature descriptions, pricing, and a CTA button to your own product page, help you connect with high-intent Redditors who are ready to make a purchase decision. Bonus: If you’re already activating shopping campaigns on other platforms, you can import that catalog straight to Reddit’s Ad Manager.

Check out the full announcement at Reddit.

Smash or Pass

Are you reaching for the Pop-Tarts Limited Edition Throwback Pack? 

Pop-Tarts Throwback


If you’re involved in any part of the web dev process, pulling actionable items out of a list (or worse, an endless block) of feedback is the absolute worst. You can use BugHerd to track bugs and collect visual feedback. It’s like sticky notes!

Glenlivet Father's Day

AI Father’s Day Fail

What happens when you ask AI to generate a whiskey commercial for Father’s Day? A lot of tired dad tropes that don’t resonate with… most of us, honestly. Glenlivet sobers up the chatbot hype with some important conversations.

Ads from the Past

Kodak, 1973

Kodak, 1973


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