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💐 Here’s a roundup of brands that celebrated moms this weekend.

💖 Report: 61% of users discover new brands on TikTok.

⌨️ An Adobe alum is launching Typeface Arc, an all-in-one AI marketing platform.

⚠️ TikTok will add an “AI generated” label to watermarked third-party content.

👀 Threads has added view counts, so you’ll know when you flop.

🔥 Enable conversion annotations on your Google Shopping ads to showcase a product’s popularity.

AI Prompt: A child's drawing of a spring bouquet of flowers.

Calculating Content Marketing ROI

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No matter what methodology you use to calculate ROI, it’s best to stick to it consistently, and measure change over time. Here are 3 practical methods:

  1. A complicated but gold-standard method: Conversion analysis.
    • Return from content marketing = (new customers from content * average customer value)
  2. A quick-and-dirty, 30-second method: Lifetime traffic value.
    • Return from content marketing = (monthly traffic value * content lifetime in months)
  3. The best of both worlds approach: Signup attribution.
    • Return from content = (% of signups attributed to content * total signup revenue)

Take a closer look at Ahrefs.

Q for You

Italian beer brand Peroni is the latest to ditch the serif in a bold new brand refresh (right). 🍅

Peroni packaging refresh

Sleep Baseball

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It’s Monday.

Put up an away message, imagine you’re napping on your granddad’s “retro gauche” sofa on a spring afternoon, and listen to a radio broadcast of a fake baseball game.

Sleep Baseball removes the loud commercials, hey-batta-battas, and everything else that ruins the ASMR of baseball radio. It could not be more boring. You’re so welcome.


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Reebok Instagram AI

Slide into Reebok’s DMs

Reebok’s clever new AI campaign encourages users to DM the brand on Instagram with a photo of their favorite memory.

A chatbot will then craft a custom shoe inspired by the color palette and style, with the original photo inlaid into the sole.

Users can tweak the design, share on social, or purchase the file for use in Roblox and Fortnite.

It’s new tech, but it feels a little like a browser game from the 2000s. By that we mean: it’s extremely cool.

Ads from the Past

Reebok, 1986

Reebok, 1986


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