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Sheep Shoes

You can meet your shoes in Allbirds’ newest campaign.

When the Topic Cluster Model Doesn’t Work

Topic clusters kinda sound like a snack, to be honest. Or maybe we’re just hungry.

Our pals over at Siege Media define a topic cluster as “a content taxonomy method that uses a single page (the “pillar”) acting as the hub for many posts (the “clusters”) around it.” Got it? Good. So why structure your content this way?

Well, it makes it easier to build a content calendar and there’s a boatload of SEO benefits, like the ability to associate different, high-level topics to your brand.

Clusters aren’t a “one-size fits all” kinda thing, though. Truthfully, they shouldn’t be used by every company. Just because a competitor is using it well doesn’t mean you need to be. Here are some ways to tell if the model isn’t for you:

Your Pillars Are Specific

If your targeted terms aren’t high level, high search volume, and high competition, this isn’t for you. The more niche your pillar page is, the less robust your clusters will be.

Your Pillars Are Broad

Wait, wut? Yeah, the first step is to have less niche pillars, but sometimes broad could mean something is off-brand. Dedicating any time or content to low value keywords means it’s not a good pillar.

Sooo…what do you do if this model isn’t for you? Have no fear…Siege Media has some ideas there too:

Utilize Blog Categories & Subcategories

There’s a way to use category and topic labels correctly; these words should call out to your audience a gist of your blog content without having to build something too crazy.

Explore Content Hubs

Hubs are a great way to have a ton of specific topics in one place, thus forming a hub. Stand out from the crowd, aka your competition, by thinking of terms that have broad keyword value.

You’re either a good fit to cluster, or you’re not. Either way, there’s plenty more to learn here 👇

10 Proven Ways to Increase Google Ads Conversions in 30 Days

We know Google Ads aren’t your favorite. But how unfavorable is it really?

Is it just medicine bad or more like seeing a clown stare at you from across the street bad? We can’t really help with the clown. ‘Cause that sounds terrifying.

But, if you think reading about Google Ads is the equivalent to the unhappiness of taking medicine. Well, it’s our mission to make it go down a little easier…with a spoonful of sugar.

Anyway, AdEspresso has the knowledge and we’re making sure you understand everything about it!

Strategy #1: Improve CTAs
CTA’s inspire action. And action gets you one step closer to a conversion. Let’s get a closer look into AdEspresso’s examples:

  • Good: Find your perfect domain at Godaddy and Buy it before someone else does.
  • Less-good: Squarespace domains come with free WHOIS privacy, transparent pricing.

Though the word free in Squarespace’s CTA is interesting, the whole thing is really meh. GoDaddy, on the other hand, speaks to a customer’s needs and adds a sense of urgency.

Always be testing here. You can start by trading Click or Discover language for Get, Buy, or Shop.

Strategy #2: Lead with Value
It all goes back to basic psychology. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, to be exact. Use value in your headline or subhead.

Two examples:

  • Chase Business Software | Accounting Software Solutions
  • #1 Online Accounting Software | Over 2 Million Happy Customers

Dunno about y’all, but those happy customers sound enticing. We wanna be happy too.

Strategy #3: Leverage Social Proof
63% of consumers look to Google for reviews on brands and products. The faster you load up that social proof, the better off you’ll be. We can’t stress this enough.

Which are you more likely to buy? A camera with 2000 mixed reviews, or one with no reviews at all? Last time we checked, no one is running around going, “I’m buying a camera with no reviews because I love the risk.”

Nah, people don’t spend money if there’s a chance that it won’t solve their problem.

Only 7 more steps to go.👇

Sheep Meeting

Okay, before you watch today’s ad, you gotta know that Allbirds shoes are made of wool. And where does wool come from? That’s right kids, sheep.

So, now that your Fabrics 101 lesson is over, let’s get to the ad. Allbirds new TV spot is all about promoting their shoes made from wool. But, they’re a smart company so they didn’t just say, “our shoes are made of wool.”

Instead, they added some humor into the mix and proved that yeah, you can actually meet the sheep that your shoes came from…but why would you want to?

Need a laugh to start Tuesday off right? Marketoonist’s latest comic should do the trick…

Ads from the Past

Put your leftover veggies in Jell-O…’cause that sounds real tasty. This ad came out in the 70’s, but we’re not sure why. It really never should’ve seen the light of day. Really hoping this wasn’t actually a thing…


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