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Speak Like a Customer 🤝

Not your CEO.

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How To Speak Like a Customer—Not Your CEO

Why it matters: Copy that caters to the C-suite rather than your customer-base undermines all of your marketing efforts.

Why it happens: Immersed in their own expertise, internal teams begin to think and talk in ways that just don’t connect with an external audience.

How to fix it: Study your customers and analyze how they actually speak.

  1. Shadow your sales and customer service teams. Dealing with customers all day long, your team mentally “autocorrects” customer-speak to company-speak all day long. You want to learn what the uninitiated, non-expert audience calls your products and services.
  2. Audit your internal site search. You may be surprised at the terms your audience is looking for on your site. Look for terms that they are using but you are not.
  3. Reference ratings and reviews. Customer reviews are a rich source of data about the language customers use to describe your products and services. The same applies to customer comments on your social channels.
  4. Leverage search trend analysis tools. Use Google Trends or KeywordTool.io to expand your view beyond existing customers to the language of your potential customers.

Now, you have a bank of customer language. Next, you’ll need to analyze your findings.

Check out the Carney blog to learn how to put your insights into action.

Q for You

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Dead Serious

Titan Casket of Boston partnered with Ryan Reynolds’ production company for an anti-Daylight Savings campaign led by Oppenheimer star David Dastmalchian.

We spring forward and fall back each year for the benefit of farmers, at the expense of increases in heart attacks, serious accidents, and feelin’ kinda weird for like a whole week.

If even a casket company—with interest in more dead people—is down for abolishing the disruption, we should probably pass that legislation.

Ads from the Past

G.E., 1981

G.E., 1981


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