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Still Reeling 🎞

Rules for Reels. Forreals.

Be in The Know

Best Practices for Reels

It’s about time for a refresh on Reels best practices. Here’s the skinny:

Consistency: Post your content on the same time and day to signal to the algorithm that you’re committed to providing valuable content regularly.

Trending Audio:Β Use medium-popular trending audio ( < 10k usage count), even at a low volume for narration videos.

Hashtags:Β Use 3 to 8 hashtags with usage counts from 10,000 to 500,000. Avoid hashtags with volumes over 1 million.

Editing: No surprise here, the algorithm prioritizes Reels that use in-app features, so edit within Instagram whenever possible. Always avoid watermarks!

Length:Β Find what works for you, but ~30 seconds is best for capturing attention.

Comments: Like and reply to comments within the first hour of posting.

Republishing: It’s allowed AND encouraged! Repost your best Reels every 3 to 6 months.

CTAs:Β You might be penalized for encouraging users to leave the app. Opt for “share this with a friend” over “subscribe to my newsletter!”

Check out Nick Gray’s post for more insight from a Meta rep.

Smash or Pass

Do you like the dramatic Johnson and Johnson rebrand (bottom)?

Johnson and Johnson logo past and present


Elephas has joined the chat with an AI writing assistant optimized for seamless use between your Mac, iPhone, and iPad. The “Super Brain” feature synthesizes your ideas collected across various knowledge management apps, and the AI assistant works with your favorite word processor to refine your writing projects. Plus, ChatGPT runs on top of any app with one click of the super-command bar.

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A person pushes off from a skateboard wearing a blue jacket, light shorts, and Adidas Gazelles.

An Iconic Trio

Adidas has launched a global campaign with three videos celebrating each of its Originals: the Samba, the Superstar, and the Gazelle. The latter shines in this spot, featuring the cultural evolution and adoption of the shoe by runners and fashion designers and skateboarders alike.

Ads from the Past

Coca-Cola, 1962

Coca-Cola, 1962


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