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Wedding Fails and Content Mining

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How to Mine Old Content for New Ideas

The pressure to pump out new content every day can be overwhelming (to say the least). However, your best sources of inspiration for new content might be closer than you think.

Here are some quick tips for repurposing your existing content without coming across as stale:

  1. Remix successful content: Take the core insights of different pieces that have proven to be popular and recombine them into a new piece of content. For example, your article on improving clickthrough rates and tips for better email subject lines can be turned into an ultimate email marketing guide.
  2. Reuse your best content in a new format: Different content formats allow you to reach different audiences. Example: some folks don’t prefer to watch videos, so why not turn a video into an article or a long-form interview into a listicle? Boom.
  3. Republish content in new channels: Find your highest-performing content and distribute it through other publications. This will not only help you maintain and improve search rankings, but it’ll also help get old content in front of new readers.
  4. Record what lives where: Don’t overlook this tip. To avoid using the same content, it’s crucial to keep everything organized. There are plenty of tools to do this, but we’re big fans of Airtable.

Your New Content Calendar

Is your content calendar stuck in a spreadsheet? Tired of copy/pasting, old versions, and struggling to find what you need?

Today’s tool takes the stress out of content marketing. It’s called Airtable.

It’s your one-stop-shop for all things content. Store assets, plan out your content pipeline and automatically see deadlines on a calendar.

Folks in our Facebook group love it. See the thread here.

Save yourself time & headaches – try it for free today! Yes, free.


It’s wedding season folks. Nothing better than watching Jimmy Fallon read his favorite tweets with the hashtag #WeddingFail.


Ads from the Past

Hires Root Beer. 1933.


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