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Stories for Netflix?

plus – better welcome emails, video editing tool, and a Google pump up video.

Be in the Know

What’s in a Welcome?

Email marketing is valuable. You know this already.

Giving your personal email these days is like sharing your flask at a dry wedding (or something like that).

Here’s the thing though…

Over 50% of businesses don’t send a welcome email. That’s pretty staggering.

Here are a few simple tips for writing welcome emails.

  • Welcome and Thank Your Subscribers: Back to the flask analogy. If you’re sharing your flask with someone, there’s a good chance you’ll spend a few minutes getting to know them. Email is no different. The average open rate for a welcome email is 50%. This is your chance to set the tone. When someone signs up for your list, make sure you send them a personalized welcome email. The goal is to make them feel special.
  • Set Expectations: Let your new subscriber know what they can expect from you moving forward. How many emails will they get? How can they learn more about you? Your goal is to provide clarity.
  • Don’t Do Too Much: The average welcome email sequence is 4-5 emails. Your first email should be focused on a high-value action. You’ll use subsequent emails to educate and share your story.
  • Don’t Overthink the Design: It’s easy to get caught up with the design. We’re not suggesting clipart graphics, but consider keeping it simple. There’s nothing wrong with a logo in the header and text below it.
  • Get Social: Here’s a low-hanging fruit. Include your social links in your welcome email. This will give your subscriber a chance to connect with you outside of email.

Need some
help with your
email strategy?


Wanna make amazing videos in 3 minutes or less?

Swish is a video maker app that gives you the ability to create and customize your own video ads.

Swish allows you to easily add your logo, design elements, music, templates, etc. It also doubles up as a solid video editor.

The free version is enough to get you started.

Take the First Step

Have you seen Google’s latest ad spot? It makes us want to go outside and get our exercise on.

If you’re needing some inspiration on this fine Thursday, check it out below.

Ads from the Past


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